View and Download Lincoln Town Car owner’s manual online. Lincoln Town Car Town Car Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: Manuals and operating instructions for this Lincoln vehicle. Get Lincoln Town Car PDF manuals and user guides, View all Lincoln Town Car manuals. Products 1 – 37 of 37 Ford Motor Company Lincoln Continental Owner’s Guide. Pages: Lincoln Town Car Automobile Owner’s Manual.

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Remove the spare tire, jack and lug wrench. Maintenance and care Cleaning and maintaining the safety belts Clean the safety belts with a mild soap solution recommended for cleaning upholstery or carpets. Maintenance and care quantity of grease to the top of each battery terminal to help prevent corrosion.

Lincoln Automobile Manuals

Do not push start your vehicle. Controls and features SecuriLock keys for more information.

Press one side of the control to adjust firmness. Page 55 Controls and features Opening the trunk Press the control once to open the trunk.

Hold the control while adjusting the wheel to the desired position, then release the control. Do not let the reservoir for the loncoln cylinder run dry. Page 74 Seating and safety restraints Insert the tongue into the correct buckle. Controls and features Daytime running light Canadian vehicles only The daytime running light system turns the headlamps on, with a reduced light output, when: Transmission fluid dipstick 2.


It is recommended that your vehicle be towed with a wheel lift or flatbed equipment. Page 83 Seating and safety restraints the child closer to the center of the vehicle may help provide a good shoulder belt fit.

From a personal concierge to remote vehicle controls, all in the palm of your hand.

Seating and safety restraints Press the control to recline the seatback forward or backward. All transmitters must be programmed at the same time.

Page 7 Instrumentation will usually owmers drivable and will not require towing. Page 22 Instrumentation not show the addition of fuel for a few kilometers miles. The front and rear outboard safety restraints in the vehicle are combination lap and shoulder belts. Controls and features When programming your HomeLink Universal Transmitter, you will be operating the garage door or gate.

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The trailer brakes must meet local and Federal regulations. Automatic locking mode In this mode, the shoulder belt is automatically pre-locked. Page Roadside emergencies 4. Maintenance and care 4.

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Move the gearshifter from the P Park position to one of the forward gears the parking brake will not release automatically when you shift into reverse. Page 8 Instrumentation Light is blinking: Failure to replace the safety belt assembly under the above conditions could result in iwners personal injuries in the event of a collision. Seating and safety restraints A difficulty with the system is indicated by one lincolb more of the following: Connecting the jumper cables 1.


Check all battery terminals and remove any excessive corrosion before you attach the battery cables. Page Maintenance and care The horizontal aim must be adjusted first. Most geographic areas zones have a magnetic north compass msnual that varies slightly from the northerly direction on maps.

Press to move the rear portion of the seat cushion up or down. Each time you fill the tank, record the amount of fuel added in liters or dar. Refer to Cleaning and maintaining the safety belts in the Maintenance and care section. Do not use supplemental engine oil additives, oil treatments or engine treatments.