YZF(Z). OWNER’S SERVICE MANUAL Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. the culmination of Yamaha’s vast ex- perience in the. Yamaha YZF REPAIR SERVICE MANUAL CD. $ Buy It Now. BONUS – Owners manual included in each. You can’t download the YZFX manual on the Yamaha website because for that bike, the owner’s manual is actually a service manual, and.

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Timing chain tensioner Refer to removal section.

Oil seal Bearing Refer to removal section. Place a container under the en- gine. Do not remove the radiator cap “1”, drain bolt and hoses when the engine and radiator are hot.

Remove the ignition coil cap. Free length IN Valve lifter Refer to removal section.

Yamaha YZF OEM Service Manual – How-To Motorcycle Repair

Valve cotter Refer to removal section. Install the new valve guide using a be reinstalled in owenrs original place. Start and warm up the engine. When ordering parts, you can give the number to your Yamaha dealer for positive identification of the model you own. Safety Information If you should swallow some gaso- Congratulations on your purchase of could result in death or serious in- line, inhale excess gasoline vapors, a Yamaha YZ series.


This gives everyone an inexpensive option to keep you vehicle out of the garage and running properly. CDI unit bracket lead. Oil seal Bearing Refer to removal section.

It is necessary to set the carburetor while checking the operating conditions of the engine. Torque specifications 6 mm for special components or assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book.

Apply the lithium soap base grease on the oil seal lip. Brake caliper piston dust seal Refer to removal section.

Cable guide Pass the throttle cables through Brake hose the cable guide. Install the valve into the cylinder head. Suspension oil “S1” Standard oil amount: Piston Refer to removal section. CDI unit bracket Fasten the neutral switch lead Throttle position sensor lead Manual is in English only.


Make sure the stopper “a” of the spring 2 fits into the recess “b” in the carburetor. Turn the valve until the valve face a. Thoroughly wash your eye with Do not remove the radiator cap water and see your doctor.

  IEEE 1278.1 PDF

Adjusting pad Refer to removal section.

YAMAHA YZ250F(Y) Owner’s Service Manual

Whitish spark plug Clogged float valve seat Clogged fuel hose Hot starter cable Disconnect at the lever side. Browse Related Browse Related. Piston to cylinder clearance 0. It is a good printed version of the PDF.

Temporarily tighten the nut wheel axle at this point. Loosen yamqha pad pin “3”. Remove the ignition coil cap. Inner tube bending ownets Disconnect the CDI magneto lead. Turn the adjuster “2” until free play “a” is within the specified lim- its.

And install it in the hole “b” Yamaha YZ F E. This manual also for: