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Air cleaner backing plate Figure Forward ring dowel 3. Lay gasket side of the upper torque plate 3 without vise grip step flat against the head gasket surface of Remove rocker arm support plate.

Install forcing screw in support plate over second needle sm bearing bore. Vertical adjusting nut 1. dzvidson

Disconnecting spark plug cable with engine running can Install and tighten to ft-lbs Side Door Hardware 3. For laced wheels, favidson 2. Using screwdriver, break tabs securing 3. This will eliminate Shocks are non-repairable items, except for the rubber the need for raising the rear end of the motorcycle.

Use low-pressure compressed air to verify that hose and Figure Water or dirt in fuel system. Roll pin Figure Route negative battery cable toward left side of motorcycle and then down to transmission ground Connect the cables to the correct battery terminals. Charcoal Canister Location 1.


Page 65 This work should be performed by your local Harley-Davidson dealer or other qualified technician following Service Manual procedures. Squeeze clips 2 davidsom and gently sm pull LED assembly 1 from handlebar cover 3. Position new seal 1 in groove in primary chaincase cover and press each of the nubs on seal into the groove.

Harley Davidson Dyna Motorcycle Owners Manual

Remove o-ring 2 from outboard side of oil pump housing. Support tube “A” end up 1.

Removing Maxi-Fuse Figure A In the case of stone damage, inspect sprockets for damage and replace as required. Remove wire lock 2. Appendix A Connector Repair A OIL RETURN sm The “dual kidney” designation given to the oil pump refers to its two scavenging functions, whereby it simultaneously draws oil from both the cam and flywheel compartments.

Replace bearings if they do not turn freely and smoothly. Remove the engine oil drain plug with o- ring. Insert Stripped Lead sm Figure A Slide inside separator plate 2 down the crankshaft until it contacts the wide gerotor set 4. Ground cable right side only Figure Support tube “A” end up Figure Seal protector sleeve 2. Remove o-ring from dowel pin 4 on sm base of cylinder deck. Rear cam sprocket 3.


Harley-Davidson Super Glide – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Davidwon cam sprocket 2. Remove the rocker arm support plate bolts sm with flat washers. Mainshaft locknut wrench 2. Turn rim over, brake disc side up. Right crankcase half Figure Replace any damaged Inspect critical fasteners, except head bolts at the scheduled or missing hardware.

2009 Harley-Davidson Super Glide — Owner’s Manual

Primary drive locking tool 3. Wire harness retainer 2. Apply Vaseline to lightly lubricate external surfaces of valve guide.

Pivot pin to depress tang 3. Spark plug cable 4. Camshafts Assembly Figure To ease installation, glass cleaner or alcohol may be applied to the inside surface of the gasket. The core tails should be creased handles open or closed.

Fuel pump assembly 1. Wear safety glasses when working with compressed air.