Jane’s (I) Hunter/Killer Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ by Kasey Chang See A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Mar 8, @ am. Manual for (i). I just downloaded the game via Steam. I read that a manual is a must. Where is it? I can’t find one on. (I) Hunter/Killer, the most realistic submarine simulation ever developed for PC. Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target.

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The first of the class was commissioned inwith 62 vessels built all together. In the future, I foresee vast cyberoceanic hunnter, where subsim players attack surfacesim players commanding armadas of carriers, aircraft, and frigates.

Jane’s I Hunter/Killer walkthrough – Strategy Guide

With this subsim you “build” a firing solution. One can jump from the Target Motion Analysis station after plotting a possible target course, speed, and bearing; to the Fire Control station, where the torpedoes or Harpoons are prepared, to the Helm to make a oiller change, to Sonar to check back on the contact. You very rarely use the periscope and a “bridge” station for surfaced reconnoitering is nonexistent. Each year programs are released that eclipse those that came before them.

Judging from the swiftly-growing number of “Virtual Fleets” of online players of I i. T hree types of mission formats are featured: Creating a fun and easy mini campain or mission. The ruler and ticks marks used to plot the target’s position are much easier to manipulate than those of Fast Attack click-click-click-CLICK!

This game turned my son gay. This is the sole area where Fast Attack, the other recent attack boat subsim, outshines I. huntef

Creating a fun and easy mini campain or missiion. Challenging but not frustrating. As such, the 3-D viewer isn’t really a concession–it keeps the sim interesting. The 3-D viewer allows a picture of your boat, detached views huner your weapons and the ensuing onslaught they deliver to your opponents.


Does this game work with windows 10? While the computer opponents will throw torpedoes your way, they lack any real resolve or tactics. Most popular community and official content for the past week. I can live with that. Each new release raised the hurdle, yielding more satisfying gameplay. There are no unwieldy tasks required of the player; everything is direct and manhal to work. With this subsim, I have stealthily reserved my judgment until this, the formally announced summary.

Nevertheless, you can face stiff opposition in some missions. All gameplay takes place in the form of monitor and control stations. You should expect no less of a first-rate simulation.

The number of missions is somewhat limited, and they appear to have locked-in variables, that is, the ships and their behavior are the same with each playing canned. Any suggestions how to fix this? Hubter new release issued forth a new generation of graphics and ikller. The graphics are very sharp and detailed.

Jane’s 688(I) Hunter Killer (US) Manual

Over pages in length, the manual guides the new player through the complex fire control and target acquisition exercises that are vital to successful gameplay. My only son bought this game, and later Joined the French navy.

This sim is very cerebral, requiring patience and agile tactical thinking. The buttons, switches, and other widgets “click” authentically when you change their position. An ESM Electronic Surveillance Measures mast that detects radio and radar transmissions of hhnter vessels and aircraft.

I am having many issues with playing it.

You can only see an enemy huntsr your ordnance homes in for the kill, and it sure would be a shame to miss that after all the time you invested plotting the solution. And that judgment is a thumbs up.


There are so many aspects and features in this sim that this review barely skims the surface. The ESM detects the signals and gives the bearings of all radar-emitting craft in the vicinity, plus the source information is automatically determined from the wavelength of the transmission, furnishing you with the killed of ships in the area. This is chess of the twenty-first century, boys. You exercise “intense patience” detecting, classifying, and targeting the unknown adversaries of the sea.

Now in mid, Electronic Arts, in close collaboration with Jane’s and Sonalysts a Navy contractoroffer us a new subsim: T he designers of I made one manial concession to realism in the name of playability–a “3-D Object Viewer”. There are no “map views” with real-time symbols laid out to give huntwr godlike powers of destruction. The long wait is over!

Jane’s Combat Simulations: (I) Hunter/Killer () Windows box cover art – MobyGames

Strap-it-on-a-Tomahawk,-plot-five-waypoints, and send it waaay up! The various stations look real and functional.

Training, Single, and Campaign. The layout is so efficient, there is almost no need to use the keyboard. Now he is married to a guy named Frank. It crashed one time in 26 missions. Why sit around watching overpaid, cry-baby professional athletes on a Sunday afternoon when you can stalk the Indian Ocean in search of adversary fleets? It also kills replayability did I make that word up? Three full-bodied naval sims that will keep your anchor swinging for months!

I was ready for an anchor tattoo after finishing the second tutorial.