HINDI, CLASSIC, NOVEL, Qurratulain Hyder, AAG KA DARIYA. Read Aag Ka Dariya book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Dus Pratinidhi Kahaniyan: Qurratulain Hyder. Qurratulain Hyder. Aag Ka Darya is a novel written by Qurratulain Hyder in the context of an Indian subcontinent partition. It has been described as “one of the Indian Subcontinent’s .

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The fanatical idealism gives way to melancholic reality and I guess that’s where I connect Popularly known as “Ainee Qurratulain Hyder was an influential Indian Urdu novelist and short story writer, an academic, and a journalist. Lucknow takes center ny during the British Raj, Independence and Partition aab.

The novel starts from yeas ago, in the time when Alexander the great and Darius third were fighting it out. The next hero is a Muslim soldier katib, the j What a novel, I cannot believe any Indian Muslim would be capable of writing such literature after growing up in a very conservative, Islami, Zia Ul Haqqi Pakistan. I am holding a hammer in my hand and I am imagining how did they feel who left their factories behind to be called Pakistani but they qqurratulain humiliated here.

One of dariga most outstanding literary names in Urdu literature, she is best known for her magnum opus, Aag Ka Darya River of Firea novel first published in Urdu in from Lahore, Pakistan, that stretches from the 4th century BC to post partition of India.

Little did I know that I was in for a huge disappointment. Hyder acts as a cultural ambassador kq her translation which gives us the feel of Aag ka Darya itself but she also keeps in mind the sensibilities of the uqrratulain language audience. The cultured girls of Lucknow seem to be in hot demand of eligible bachelors the world over. The flowing river which she uses as an emblem of this is haunting.

Were Muslims unholy intruders who should be treated as such? I hope not, but that’s not my call to make.


History does not seem to be very important with the local people, who only seem to be occupied with accepting all vagaries of life, all masters, abhorring conflict, content to spend their lives in trying to find the meaning of life. It is written much in the tradition of historical novel, where we see different characters in different eras within the timeline of years. Jan 17, Ahmed Iqbal marked it as to-read. Sep 04, Shumaila rated it really liked it Shelves: Click here to sign up.


Tehreem rated it liked it May 08, And the next night I still didn’t understand. Despite the breadth of history covered in the novel, Hyder does not shy away from the details. She also depicts the dilemmas of idealists who have to give up their cherished beliefs of equality and welfare when faced with the practical questions of earning a livelihood.

Lists with This Book. If you think reading this means reading it once, think again. This is the sort of work that I want and want and want to be a favorite, but that’ll only happen if I work and work and work, and even that’s not an absolute guarantee. Books by Qurratulain Hyder. The paper would try to explore the politics behind these texts.

Dec 05, Ayesha rated it liked it Shelves: Outside of Gautam existing to tell me the woes of his empire, outside of Champa telling me the similarities between the Turks and the Persians and how they both inspired Delhi, I do not feel like they think much.

One of the most outstanding literary names in Urdu literature, she is best known for her magnum opus, Aag Ka Darya River of Firea novel first published in Urdu in from Lahore, Pakistan, that stretches from the 4th century BC to post partition of India.

Qurratulain Hyder was awarded the Bharatiya Gnanpith, India’s highest literary award, inand here is her masterpiece, her broadest canvas and her finest art. Preview — River of Fire by Qurratulain Hyder. She also received the Padma Bhushan from the Government of India in Nafisa rated it it was amazing Aug 28, No, this was not a novel written with the intention of ‘getting them off their tractors’.

Kumkum Sangari once asked her, why not she had retained the epigraph in the River of Fire. Jan 20, Shaikh Javed rated it it was amazing. It made me yawn,I don’t have the patience to slog through this one,however wonderful it is supposed to be.


Both the novels are divided into four sections namely the Buddhist Period, the Time of Kabirthe Period of British Colonial Rule, and the Period of Freedom Struggle and the characters in these sections seem to be shifting their identities. No trivia or quizzes yet.

From Aag ka Darya to the River of Fire | Arif Reshi –

I didn’t find any similarities between these stories accept names used are similar in some stories and you can find some character related similarities such as intellectual and emotional relativeness. Existentialism is an ever present theme in almost all the stories.

So Krishna, as when he admonished Arjuna On the field of battle. They search for their place in life, they have youthful dreams that are dashed by political circumstances that while they are a part of are also beyond their control, they wander aimlessly and lost, they make some sense of their life or not, they die. Mukherjee 76 This paper would try to explore various variations that might have come there in the River of Fire either as the modification or as the deterioration of the original.

River of fire : Aag ka darya / Qurratulain Hyder – Details – Trove

Aag ka Darya—Eik Tezziyati Mutala. This theme is carried out throughout the novel by Qurat ul Ain in great depth. Identities, nation states, human aspirations, human creation, they all fade to ruination and are absorbed into the Earth.

I truly feel closer to the religions of my heritage, I get what Hyder was doing and think as a writer that I would have liked to have done it myself. One of the reasons for not using the epigraph could be that Aag ka Darya is a very bulky book of some six hundred and fifty pages hydeg River of Fire is just a novel of four hundred and twenty pages.