Abdolkarim Soroush is a researcher at the Institute for Cultural Research and Studies in Iran. One of the Muslim world’s most influential thinkers for his analysis . Abdolkarim Soroush founded one of the most important intellectual movements in Iran. This article traces the development of his thought through three distinct. Abdolkarim Soroush: Iran: Domestic affairs and internal reform: Inside Iran in the mids, Abdolkarim Soroush, a philosopher with both secular and religious.

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If you read Rumi you will encounter a very different world and we need different worlds. Soroush was eventually prevented from lecturing and removed from his teaching positions.

Arf means to see, to smell. Read what he wrote: A year later, all universities abdolkarum shut down, and a new body was formed by the name of the Cultural Revolution Committee comprising seven members, including Abdulkarim Soroush, all of whom were appointed directly by Ayatollah Khomeini. A good introduction to his numerous abdilkarim is Reason, Freedom, and Democracy in Islam: Soon, he not only became subject to harassment and state censorship, but also lost his job and security.

The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali. A law imposing penalties on anyone associating with enemies of the Islamic republic is thought by his allies to have been at least in part provoked by some of Soroush’s lectures and foreign affiliations.

Headlines about Iran usually focus on its nuclear deal with srooush global powers, its controversial missile programme, not to mention international sanctions. We need to be able to look at them and say: Most Recent Photo Essay.

Don’t have an account? There was an introduction by Dr.

Fifty Key Figures in Islam. From he served as a visiting scholar at the Wissenschaftkolleg in Berlin.


Abdolkarim Soroush

We do not have one democracy but many democracies in history. The former, the essence of religion, is perceived as beyond human reach, eternal and divine.

In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. He has been accused by orthodox critics of preventing the Islamization of human sciences and by the opposition of the Islamic Republic regime of Iran to involvement in the dismissal of teachers.

We need somebody to come and help us change our view on the world,” explains Soroush. Views Read Edit View history. Rumi uses a very good simile by way of explanation:. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. Soroush’s main thesis, entitled The Theoretical Contraction and Expansion of Shari’a separates religion per se from religious knowledge.

Inowing to certain differences which emerged between him and the management of the Teacher Training College, he secured a transfer to the Institute for Cultural Research and Studies where he has been serving as a research member of staff until today.

Interview with Abdulkarim Soroush Abdolkari He submitted his resignation from membership in the Cultural Revolution Council to Imam Khomeini and has since held no official position within the ruling system of Iran, except occasionally as an advisor to certain government bodies.

Our accomplished sermonizer, who had surpassed all others in deftness of speech in the sorousu years since the revolution, seemed […]. Flagging Oratory and Mind? Soroush’s ideas have met with strong opposition from conservative elements in the Islamic Republic. Kamrava locates Soroush in the contemporary context of religious intellectualism.

Abdolkarim Soroush – Oxford Handbooks

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Western Philosophy Islamic Philosophy. This is owing to his early adherence to the Islamic revolutionary values, his polemics against Marxism, later departure from the conservative Islam toward a reformist stand based on the philosophy of science and modern hermeneutics, and his current role as an uncompromising and outspoken opposition voice, as well as a fervent supporter of the Green Movement.


His travel was restricted, then his passport confiscated. Sufism or mysticism or irfan, as I like to call it, is a way of life that combines this world and the other world. Is irfan part of theology? In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Publications Pages Publications Pages. It includes the longest and most detailed intellectual biography of Soroush presented as a lively interview with him by Mahmoud Sadri.

After the revolution, Soroush returned to Iran and there he published his book Knowledge and Value Danesh va Arzeshthe writing of which he had completed in England. Ce qui se passe en Iran? For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here. He can smell the fragrance, the ether of divinity. Islam, Democracy, and Religious Modernism in Iran — Abdolkarim Soroush founded one of the most important intellectual movements in Iran.

Works Cites Soroush View of Islam skewed by actions of extremists: Philosophy of Religion Social and political philosophy. Please subscribe or login. Edited by John L. Sign in via your Institution. Democracy where coincides with certain things [ clarification needed ]it can be secular or religious.

Edited and translated by Mahmoud Sadri and Ahmad Sadri, ix—xix.