The Consecration of Mahavira, [], from Gujerati manuscript of the Kalpa Sutra (Public Domain in the US per Bridgeman vs. Corel). Knowing pain and pleasure in all their variety (patteyam), and seeing his life not yet decline, a wise man should know that to be the proper moment (for entering. The Acharanga Sutra (IAST: Ācārāṅga Sūtra; First book c. 5th-4th century BCE; Second book c. 2nd-1st century BCE)[1] is the first of the twelve Angas, part of.

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After a gap of about nearly acaraanga thousand years following composition of Tattvartha Sutra by Acharya Umasvati this was the first text to be recognized by all Jain sects. Often the words are spelled out separately or put together as “Jinavani” in publications. There are total verses written in Prakrit language.

This text contains the essence of samanam religion, defined and catalogued systematically. Mulachara discusses the conduct of a Digambara monk. Member feedback about Parshvanatha: It is difficult to travel in Ladha. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Or he did not drink for more than two months, or even six months, day and night, without desire for drink. Ceasing to use the stick against living beings, abandoning the care of the body, the houseless, the Venerable One endures the thorns of the villages being perfectly enlightened. Member feedback about Upasakadasah: That which you consider worth subjugating is like yourself.

Whatever is sinful, the Venerable One left scaranga undone: It contains stories describing those who succeeded in destroying all their karmas and succeeded in attaining Moksa and putting an end to the re-births. Pujyapada was a poet, grammarian, philosopher and a profound scholar of Ayurveda.

Acaranga Sutra

Punishments for various transgressions are also prescribed in it. Agama is a Sanskrit word which signifies the ‘coming’ of a body of doctrine by means of transmission through a lineage of authoritative teachers.


The Digambara text, Mulachara is said to be derived from the original Acharanga and discusses the conduct of a Digambara monk. The text consists of twenty chapters. The author acaarnga that many philosophies which existed in the Jain classics are eloquently and skillf The Venerable One, exerting himself, did not seek sleep for the sake of pleasure; he waked up himself, and slept only a little, free from desires.

I shall neither myself speak lies, nor cause others to speak lies, nor consent to the speaking of lies by others. Kasaya passions form the subject matter of Kasayapahuda.

Suhra story aaranga a hero who through his virtue rises to become king, only to renounce his high station and pursue a life of religious merit.

:: Glossary/Index | Publications | Jain Literature | Classic | Acaranga Sutra

Another oldest canonical text, the Shatkhandagama was written about the same time. Introduction The Acharanga Sutra is the oldest agam, from a linguistic point of view, written in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit. It talks about Killing and the results of Killing, the results karma results sutga Stealing, Lying, Unchastity and Possessiveness or Greed.

Jainism rejects the idea of a creator deity responsible for the manifestation, creation, or maintenance of this universe. Religious Values and Ideology in India: CortHistory of Religions, Vol.

Acaranta you and all, it is undesirable, and painful, and repugnant. Purvas topic The Fourteen Purvas, translated as ancient or prior knowledge, are a large body of Jain scriptures that was preached by all Tirthankaras omniscient teachers of Jainism encompassing the entire gamut of knowledge available in this universe. The subject matter sutrx the answers ranges from doctrine to rules of ascetic behaviour. Making obeisance to all the Siddhas, acarangw in the fifth state of existence that is eternal, immutable, and incomparable perfection par excellenceI will articulate this Samayapr Member feedback about Purvas: The first and sutar parts lay down rules for conduct of ascetics.


The Digambara text, Mulachara is said to be derived from the original Acharanga and discusses the conduct of a Digambara monk.

Always well guarded, he bore the pains caused by grass, cold, fire, flies, and gnats; manifold pains. Purvagata contained fourteen subdivisions and contained discussions about Jaina doctrines and principles. Kheda, also known as Kaira, is a City and a municipality in the Indian state of Gujarat.

This truth, propagated by the self-knowing omniscients, after understanding all there is in universe, is pure, undefileable, and eternal. He places great emphasis on cleansing the soul of vibhavas, internal impurities, through self-discipline. It propounds six fundamental truths on soul which are also known as satapada six steps.

All the constituents and acsranga are governed by universal natural laws and perfect soul, an immaterial entity cannot create or affect a material entity like acarnga universe. The third great vow runs thus: This truth, propagated by the self-knowing omniscients, after understanding all there is in universe, is pure, undefileable, and eternal.

Jaina Sutras, Part I

In Ladha natives attacked him; the dogs bit him, ran at him. Surendra Bothra, Ahimsa – the science of peace Dundasp. Moist or dry or cold food, old beans, old pap, or bad grain, whether he did or did not get such food he was rich.

The first book is the older part, to which other treatises were later added. The Venerable One suyra able to abstain from indulgence of the flesh. The second great vow runs thus: One of the interesting aspects of this text is its portrayal of Monasticism and spirituality in the terms of numerology.