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Ethics of Environmental Enforcement Web-based This course will identify the ways in which unethical flrmnet, by white collar criminals, might affect the course of an inspection or an investigation. EPA has issued final guidance on conducting effective post-construction compliance monitoring to assess the performance of measures implemented under long-term combined sewer overflow CSO control plans, as provided in EPA’s CSO Control Policy.

Defining ethics as it is related to the environmental enforcement professional; Understanding the concept of environmental justice; Understanding the difference between ethics and morals; Understanding the ethical issues for the environmental enforcement professional. Issued Augustthe guidance document is intended forn assist regional inspectors in reviewing a facility’s implementation of the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure SPCC rule at 40 CFR part and understanding the rule’s applicability, and to help clarify the role of the inspector in the review and evaluation of the performance-based SPCC requirements.

State Environmental Agencies This provides a link to the state environmental regulatory agencies. Offered as part of the Whole Building Design Guide WBDG Continuing Education Courses, this course will provide an introduction to the concepts and technologies of low impact development, with an overview and emphasis on strategies for protecting and conserving formne on site. This is a database is designed to enable users to locate documents, including publications and other outreach materials, that cover a wide range of RCRA issues and topics.

This memorandum, dated 15 Novemberclarifies EPA’s expectations concerning the appropriate time increment used to express “total maximum daily loads” TMDLs.

The manual enables users to: It was written by Bill Frank from the U. Lessons Learned Bottom Border. The Code of Federal Regulations CFR is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.


IT Accessibility Curriculum and Resources

With the new guidance, sources of hazardous air pollutants previously classified as “major sources” may be reclassified as “area” sources at any time, provided the facility limits its accessoble to emit below major source thresholds.

Google Accessible Searchan alternative to the regular Google, that makes it easier for blind searchers to find content.

Asbestos Activities Training Classroom. The Policy also restates EPA’s long-standing practice of not requesting copies of regulated entities’ voluntary audit reports to trigger Federal enforcement investigations and reflects EPA’s continuing commitment to encouraging voluntary self-policing while preserving fair and effective enforcement. Personnel not directly employed by a government agency e. The new requirements go into effect 1 April This site provides access to the Code of Federal Regulations CFRThe Gwa Register, the e-CFR a prototype of a daily updated version of the CFRthe system where you can comment on proposed regulations, and a discussion on how the rulemaking process works Federal Register Published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration NARAthe Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents.

Telecommunications and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee TEITACa federal advisory committee providing accessiible for updates of accessibility standards issued under section of the Rehabilitation Act and guidelines under section of the Telecommunications Act. Port Compliance This web site was put together as part of a port industry focus group effort.

Army and other Military Services’ activities and operations. Examples of maps in the system include: A User Friendly Document. This site provides guidance for developing SWPPPs for construction activities as well as providing templates.

The Regulatory Bulletin discusses the LDR treatment standard established for these mixed waste batteries, the DOE petition that requested the treatability variance, the rationale for granting the variance, and implementation at the State level.

Instructions are provided on this website. Building Accessible Websitesan on-line version of Joe Clark’s book. Fofm to making on-line educational opportunities accessible.

In some cases, these additional provisions have been included as supplementary information. Explore thermodynamics, heat transfer and combustion during this video series. State Authorization Tracking System StATS This is an information management system designed to document the progress of each state and territory in establishing and maintaining RCRA-authorized hazardous waste management programs.


GSA – SF Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement

The manuals enable users to: This 26 June EPA webinar covered the basics of source water protection–from source water assessments to implementation partnership building–and showcased one of EPA’s tools, DWMAPS, which can be used to update source water assessments and protection plans, prepare utilities for emergency situations, and support partnerships efforts. The webcast will provide a broad overview of the proposed rule and fomr costs and benefits.

This one hour web-based course makes available consistent, high quality environmental justice training to Federal personnel across the country. All self-disclosed civil violations, with the exception of new owner disclosures, must be made through the eDisclosure portal. This course is offered by Seventhwave. EPA has ten regional offices. Webinar participants will learn how to work with all of ECHO’s features and will gain understanding of a valuable resource that can enhance their understanding of monitoring and enforcement of environmental regulations.

Federal Facilities and the CAA. It lengthens the prompt disclosure period to 21 days, clarifies that the independent discovery condition does not automatically preclude Audit Policy credit in the multi-facility context, and clarifies how the prompt disclosure and repeat violations conditions apply in the acquisitions context.

POTW’s Procedures for Conducting Compliance Inspections Web-based, On Demand Originally offered by the EPA’s Water Permits Division in Januarythis 2-h course discusses the regulatory background or the POTW’s requirement to conduct compliance inspections at industrial facilities, required compliance inspection frequencies for the different industrial user classifications, procedures for conducting compliance inspections, inspector responsibilities and qualifications, and procedures for handling confidential information.

Sponsored by EPA’s APTI, this introductory course is designed to assist air pollution professionals and others in understanding the process of developing an air emissions inventory. Thermodynamics and Combustion Web-based, On Demand. This website provides ready access to federally maintained geospatial data, services and applications.

Cleanups at Federal Facilities This website provides information about contaminated federal facility sites in specific communities, access to technical fact sheets and tools and resources to help government agencies and their contractors fulfill cleanup obligations.

Source Water Protection Web-based.