Smith Meter® AccuLoad and AccuLoad III are trademarks of FMC The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the AccuLoad III. AccuLoad III High Speed Prover Output · AccuLoad III Vapor Recovery Application Bulletin · AccuLoad IIInet Application Manual · AccuLoad III-S N4 Hardware. The default or operating values used in this manual and in the program of the Smith Table of Contents iii. Volume Accuracy – Preset Amount Type.

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Hybrid blending is ideal for applications where two or more diesel products are being blended sequentially combined with bio mass which it is recommended to be ratio blended.

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If Save is selected, the AccuLoad III will download the average meter factor and will return to the RUN mode display where the transaction can be ended or a new batch can be started. In any case, transaction records should be downloaded for archival purposes if required by mannual agencies as.

If an alarm is not acculoaf system alarm, the other load arm may continue to prepare for a transaction, start the transaction, and run it without interference. The unit may be toggled at any time between full and split screen modes, or the focus may be toggled between load arms. If set to any other value, the display reverts to a split screen format after the programmed period has elapsed.

The AccuLoad III processes normal start-up, flow control and shutdown sequences, and operator-requested stops. This interface offers the potential for enhanced functionality and security ranging from simple transaction-stamping with driver card data to a mini accyload system with validation and authorization. Pressing F1 when the last arm programmed has the mwnual will cycle the display back to Arm 1.


Energy saving system in. The configuration that allows a three-product ratio blender on Arm 1 and a straight or sequential blender on Arm 2, could just as easily be a straight or sequential blender on Arm 1 and a three-product ratio blender on Arm 2. Got accuoad, continue to print.

In split screen mode, load arms 1 and 2 appear side by side, with a black border around the active view. The screen remains in split screen mode.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Table adcuload not include hybrid configuration.

Accuload iii manual español – Google Docs

The main product is free flowing. The hybrid blend consists of one sequentially blended product line feed by up to five main products combined with one to five product streams that are ratio blended into the main products.

You can access these features by selecting the items under. When using Firmware Revision and above, the AccuLoad supports shared injectors. The abstract More information. As stated above, products are delivered simultaneously, each through its own meter.

Select recipe gdiesel-r Diesel-C Unleaded More Auto injectors, where the additive outputs that are programmed in the AccuLoad III will automatically be selected for each batch according to the programming in the recipe definition; Manual injectors, where the operator is prompted at the beginning of each transaction; Manual injectors, where the operator is prompted at the beginning of each batch. Use the F2 key to switch from split to full screen mode.


Start display at page:.

Smith Meter AccuLoad III – PDF

Step 2 Create an account Content 1. To accjload this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

This feature requires a load arm type to be programmed as Straight with VRS. If jumper J24 is removed, indicating that the second display is not available, the number of arms is restricted to two. Other possibilities are two three-product arms, or a four-product and a two-product arm, etc.

Blending is a mixing of different components that have similar quantity e. F2 also does not operate if only one load arm is designated to a physical display.

If the STOP button is pressed during flow, and if the Start after Stop delay is programmed, the preset position will display: If jumper J23 is removed from the KDC board, indicating no BSE is available; all combinations requiring more than three meters are prohibited.

Each time a transaction is ended and a new transaction is begun, the AccuLoad III will start a new prove with Step In the event that the meter factor is not successfully downloaded, the AccuLoad III will display a message indicating that the meter factor was rejected.

Additive injection, pump control, alarm control, set stop, valve control, back pressure manuzl, automatic adjustment of final trip point, and flow rate controlled injector.

Straight product arms must be programmed for one product.