Brivo, Inc. is a company providing cloud-based access control and video surveillance products for physical security and internet of things applications. Brivo takes access control completely into the cloud, with a state-of-the art IP system that eliminates nearly all hardware and lets you manage. ADT Security Services and Brivo Systems today announced the implementation of a web-based access control solution for five federal facilities.

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Waiting on a call from my Koorsen rep to get pricing from him and some more details. Thats an interesting concept.

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EVen though the monthly fees are higher than Brivo, it would cost less to use I-ACS than anything else over the course of a few years. I will look at it harder when I get the chance. I think the security company gets a cut of the monthly revenue also from what I’ve read, but not sure. We mostly use small key fobs and we provide an alternative of a card for people that prefer to stick it in their wallets and tiny thin metal disc people stick to an object they carry for example, slip or stick inside a cell phone battery door or inside a phone cover.

They get passed around. You said that about Brivo and they have their own equipment, but they recommend using readers from HID Global in their installs. Brivo Systems LLC has implemented a web-based access control solution for five federal facilities managed by the General Services Administration in Detroit and the Chicago area.

Not as secure as we’d like, but still good enough for our uses. George Moawad as Country Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Also, while we use Weigand Khz readers, you can get MiFare readers, the tags are less expensive and you can print tags and if you ever ridden BART in San Francisco, when you buy a printed subway ticket, it’s using MiFare to read the ticket, subtract the fare and write the balance back in a fraction of a second.


We pay about 90 cents for custom printed color coded key fob. Ill just be honest with you. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The combined offering will be bi-directionally integrated using the open APIs from both companies.

Among the five total facilities, card readers will be installed at 55 access points used by brvio, employees from about 50 federal agencies. Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information.

Posted March 28, Spent so much on current system I can’t see us spending the 2k a property to get the new hardware seeing as we’ve just spent that on many of the properties on the old stuff! They act like a startup, and have startup kind of bugs. Midwest Bill Ellifson Phone: Never heard of Brivo. Just at I’d mention it. Elevator control English, French and Spanish language support. Veracity Time Server Syncs and Wins.

Cloud adoption is in full swing, with the latest IDG News from the startpage. We consider readers and 18, card holders one of our medium systems. Multi-user messaging platform Sends messages to: Kind of scary considering they manufacture the control panels. Every company wants to remotely manage their access control system. Because of this, it requires no-onsite computer, specific software, network wiring or IT involvement.

Customers do not pay for owning the software itself but rather for using it.

Sent to a list of more than 2, the Success Stories gives you high-visibility recognition within ADT! The access would all be via pin code not via card or anything like that at this time. Never used it because it clunky and you at a cleaner install with the Edge mounted elsewhere and the reader at the door and if I remember correctly, this combined unit is indoor only.


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The private-labeled product will be geared toward the commercial sector, such as retailers and other multiple location facilities.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Yes, they are a hosted solution, or if you want you can keep it all in house also as they have an option for that too. Anyone used Brivo or have thoughts on them? While Beivo could not provide projected sales for the product, she expects over the next 12 months to make significant inroads in retail, aviation, utilities and homeland security markets. Wouldn’t really work in our market target. Latest Quizzes Year-End Quiz: All I know is what we are using sucks, bad, so I’m looking for options.

Niksic also added that the new systems put GSA in position to transition toward cloud computing.

ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control – ppt video online download

At least some others have used them, I have them sending me a test system now so we can see if this will fit our needs at all. I qdt the word “cards” as the generic term for an RFID tag. You’re better off with a more established company that has more rigorous testing process.

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The access control system can now be a gateway into the rest of the network, potentially compromising credit card and private customer data or control the doors and let people in. The acquisition marks the first time that two cloud companies will be fully integrating inside the security industry, said Van Till, who co-founded Brivo.

I’ll look at some of the other other options mentioned in the thread also, I do appreciate everyone’s feedback!