First published in , this collection of Agatha Christie short stories features 12 ingenious tales involving mystery and adventure, from a stolen rajah’s emerald. The Listerdale Mystery (Agatha Christie Collection) [Agatha Christie] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A selection of mysteries, some. Editorial Reviews. Review. “They are, without exception, the work of an experienced and artful The Listerdale Mystery (Agatha Christie Collection) Kindle Edition. by.

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The Listerdale Mystery

Should she, or should she not, tell her husband that Dick Windyford had mng her up? Alix did not trouble to argue with him. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She had read many the same or – well, nearly the same.

The policeman investigates inside and reports that there is a man in a chair who is dead, looking as though nystery has had a bad fright. He walked out of it one evening listerdalle he was going to his club, and nobody ever saw him again.

Maybe I am actually starting to develop a fondness aagatha short story collections. Yes, it was her husband. No – in a flash the answer came to her. Miss Alix King had been a trim business-like young woman, efficient, slightly brusque in manner, obviously capable and matter-of-fact.

It had been all planned for Thursday night.

The Listerdale Mystery

They ask Jane if she doesn’t mind the prospect of danger, to which she answers that she doesn’t. Mr Rowland remained staring out of the window, watching Elizabeth’s tall, graceful figure threading its way down the platform.


The eyes of the two women met. Edward arrives at Maud’s home in Clapham the next day. The other paused a minute, taken aback by thf sudden fierceness. Dick Windyford had not rung up again, nevertheless she felt what she supposed to be his influence at work. If he did, she would have to be careful.

You refuse to tell us Her Highness’s whereabouts? I have read other GR reviews where people felt disappointed with the collection but they are enjoyable and you can read one quickly and move on.

The next morning a letter lay by her plate. Now her little red hat was crushed and dented, and her face was disfigured with long streaks of dirt.

She made the coffee and took it out to the porch where they chridtie sat on fine evenings. But Alix was by now lost to all shame. You have her here. But Tye so awfully afraid he won’t. Moving to one of the further beds, she began to pick an armful of flowers. What put such an idea into your head? We really can’t even afford this. A capital book for odd-half-hours. La bola dorada 4. The next day, Dorothy contacts Edward.

Do give me a chance. Her own jealousy, entirely dormant at the time of their marriage, had only developed afterwards. Very good work of yours, to ferret me out like this. He drinks cocktails and dances with the lady who he discovers is Lady Noreen Elliot, a famous society debutante and lisrerdale theft of the necklace was in fact an elaboration fhe a treasure huntthe rule being that the ‘stolen’ item must be worn in public for one hour to claim the prize.


He seemed to be interested in George also, and suggested a drink and a game of billiards when the meal had come to a close. In fact, there really weren’t any mysteries in the collection. Hunting in circles for something vague and undefined, led by instinct, busy and happy.

That’s why I thought it well to learn ju-jitsu. Works by Agatha Christie. He agrees and returns.

The Listerdale Mystery – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Are you afraid I’m going to make love to the butcher, silly? I said “excuse me,” I tried to squeeze through gaps, even apologized for stepping on some toes. I shall wake up soon, I know I shall, and find it’s been all a dream.

Rupert goes on a motorcycling holiday, which takes him near to King’s Cheviot. Presently the girl said: Or don’t you even know of the existence of your village pub? I absolutely loved this collection.