The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal (formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot) is famous for its contrast. ORM-D items are non-returnable. Acutance enhancing film developer. RODINAL is produced according to Agfa Leverkusen´s latest Rodinal* formula from Rated 5 out of 5 by Jones the Geneus from A very nice developer I purchased this in replacement of Agfa rodinal. I found this product is exactly identical to my.

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It is not the finest-grain developer around but it does, at these high dilutions, produce extremely sharp grain and negative images with a real bite to work from. I have varied the sulfite concentration while keeping everything else the same, and I have kept the sulfite constant while changing the dilution of the rest. The sheet film was hanging high up over a low flame. Sulfite inhibits this growth.

It might seem odd during a period of so much innovation and advancement in photographic technology that a film developer formulated in the 19th century should be so popular with photographers and printers in the 21st century. Whatever affa you choose, you need to do everything exactly the same every time to get consistent results.

I would try some other developers, like xtol, hc, or dd-x. Chart of Developing Times for Rodinal. Rodinal vs D76 Processing — Sustainable Communities.

Here an example of Fomapan in 35mm and R The most commonly used is probably the Kodak Photo-Flo but there are other good ones that will do the same job. I have tried other development methods but it’s hard to find anything that improves on this for cost, efficiency and quality. Rodinal can be used for contrast control by varying the dilution, allowing you to use a single bottle to produce negatives to suit your requirements. The Fixer Before the film can be exposed to light it must be fixed.

Rodinal also does not give full box speed with modern films – if you expose a roll of say Tri-X at ISO and develop for this, this is in fact push processing and contrast will rise and may become excessive, giving hard-to-print negatives if people say they hate Rodinal, it could be because this has happened with their films. Pan F 50 is fantastic in this mix, it keeps the highlights from blowing out and doesn’t get any crazy grain, but on the other hand TriX or APX get very intense grain.


Agfa Rodinal

Also depending how you use it you can seriously use it for over a year. For me 20 degrees celsius has given me satisfying results. Grain will be finer. For an image to devellper revealed on the negative there are 3 essential steps to follow:.

Strictly speaking, fine-grain developers are those which have a solvent action – they dissolve away some of the edges of the clumps of silver grain that make up a film image and thus make them smaller, giving finer grain.

Rodinal uses potassium hydroxide as the accelerator and p-aminophenol as the sole developing aent. When a film has been exposed to light, the atfa exists but is invisible and it has to be revealed. Borax is a rodial buffer. It is the oldest continuously-produced developer formula in the world.

Pros and Cons of Agfa Rodinal ? | Photography Forums

Once diluted with water, Rodinal does not keep. When the solution is ready, pour it in the developing tank for 10 minutes.

But this past year I started playing with other developers, and I am very impressed and pleased with this stuff. I used it for years in my traditional darkroom, but never scanned the negs. A few days ago I was doing some research into times for this developer and filmsto my surprise I come across more negative feedback than good feedback.

The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot is famous for its contrast control and flexibility. It is not uncommon for photographers to add a solvent such as sodium sulfite to soften the granularity.

Grain is overrated – it is part of 35mm photography and does not make or break a good image. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


A well-known property of Rodinal is its devekoper acutancebecause the Rodinal formula contains no silver solvent. I suspect this is what a lot of the negative feedback related to, it’s not for everyone.

Too long, without trying other stuff out. Because over-development, or an increase in develoler strength, cannot appreciably raise the density of the exposed shadow areas in the region of lightly exposed silver halides there is almost nothing to actually over-developthe developer strength or developing time can be varied to lower or increase the highlight areas.

The second is excessive base fog, which appears to be a result of the rather high pH of the Rodinal. Views Read Edit View history.

How I develop black & white film with Rodinal

He has been into photography since and worked exclusively with digital equipment until recently. Adox Adonal Developer is a highly concentrated fine-grain, one-shot black and white film developer.

Rodinal has been my developer of choice for the past 30 years. After the patent expired, Rodinal has been supplied under different names by other companies. This is the step that makes the image permanent on the negative and it also get rid of the unexposed silver halide particles. Product Description The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot is famous for its contrast control and flexibility.

Compensation occurs when bromide is released in areas of heavy exposure, where development is rapid and continuous. If the subject contrast is very flat the dilution of Rodinal can be reduced to 1: Just use the previous data. I use mine at 1 to 75 ratio, thats less then half an ounce. I use it 1: The dilution is very high and it has a very long lasting shelf life.

First of all, he states that Rodinal does contain sulfite. It contains very little sulfite in the working dilutions. Usually, 1 minute is enough to stop the development process.