Akai SXL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai SXL User Manual. could anyone hook me up with the original akai s (not xl) manual? i’ve already searched they only have sxls manual. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed.

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Recording A Take The higher the positive number, the earlier in the sample playback will start relative to the key velocity i. This indicates that the SXL is recording digitally. To access this, press liUSI and you will receive the following display: You may have more than sixteen programs active at once although there are not more than sixteen MIDI channels, you may have layered programs in a multi-timbral setup. This selects LFO 1 as the modulation source.

If a program is set to LOW priority, then notes from this program will be stolen first. In this case, the brass program’s effects would take priority. LOAD For loading data into the sampler. To do this, simply assign all the relevant keygroups to the same Mute Group. Before you can use the disk record functions, it is necessary to format your hard disk. When using the FIND function, it is not necessary to name the whole file.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

Make sure that there is no data which is only stored on the hard disk which you want to keep. This parameter ignores each programs keygroup ranges and simply imposes a range on the whole program. Because it is felt tliat LF01 will mostly be used for vibrato effects, the default in the PTCH page see manuual is set so that simply setting a value in the dept h: You will see this screen display: The default here is slow as it is assumed you will want to use this LFO for such things as filter sweeps and slow panning effects, etc.

Page This shows how much space is left on the disk for recording. You could use ENV2 to control LF01 depth for ‘shaped’ vibrato that fades in, fades out and fades back in again. Not only are the controls and screens explained in detail but you will find hints and tips to help you with your sampling and programming.


This sets the level of the signal appearing at the output selected above. The xkai X 8 character display shows parameters and values and displays the ‘soft’ keys’ function and graphic display of manuwl for sample editing, etc. This may be useful when you wish to play a sound normally but only apply portamento to a few notes. However, it is also possible to set parts to the same MIDI channel so that you can layer programs for a rich, akak expensive?

Please ensure that you have saved them to disk before deleting in case you want to come back to them at a later date. Using the SXL live, you may have several multi-timbral setups in memory at any time memory s3000xk, of course!

As usual, you may select a program for editing at the top right hand of the corner.

Studio Manuals – Akai

No special setup or modification is required. The padding will help protect the disk drive’s delicate head mechanism against shock and excessive vibration. If the key has this type of display: For example, the auto-panning and effects send would affect all samples equally – when using the RNUM function, one sound in the layer could be panning slowly left to right routed to FX1 whilst another stays central through RV3.

For loading programs, samples, multis, effects, operating systems, etc. When loading the programs from disk, try to load certain types together. If you need to EQ more than one frequency, select the source sample and set the EQ for that and process it. When actually entering names, pressing the NAME button will switch the function of the numeric keypad between letters and numbers.

The same may apply for the sawtooth and random waveforms. It will also affect the level going to the internal effects. This sets the range for bending pitch up with the pitchbend wheel or lever. Sometimes when crossfading, because part of the area chosen for crossfade may be slightly out of phase with the loop area, you may sometimes get a dip in level where they cancel each other out. Multi-sampling is the technique where you take several samples of one instrument across its range or where you take several samples of different instruments such as drums, for example.


For compatibility and to be considerate to our customers!

Be very careful using this feature as deleted takes cannot be retrieved. Applying it to delay will have no effect. As a result, if you sustained that last note, it may sound very strange indeed! Due to limitations witti ttie panning tiardware, whilst slow sweeps work well, fast sweeps may, on some sounds, introduce some ‘zipper noise’.

This will reset all the parameters described above to their default values and will clear the program name field, leaving it blank. The possibilities are almost endless up to the 16 part limit in fact! Note that any loop points you have set will stay in the same absolute positions, and will not be reversed with the sample. It is almost essential when playing synth bass sounds as it emulates the classic monophonic synth keyboard.

Deleting Programs This, of course, is the most drastic of these three options. Single Vs Multi As mentioned, you may avhieve similar results in the MULTI mode where you can create multi-timbral setups, key splits, layered programs and combinations of these very quickly and easily. For example, if you are in, say, the filter pages and are setting envelope 2’s depth and then go to the ENV2 page to make an adjustment there, when you return to the filter page, the cursor will still be on envelope 2’s depth parameter.

At airports, it is sometimes possible to ask for your disks to be inspected by hand at security desks but, with the added security at airports these days, this may not be possible.