Some brother is passing out this horrific book against our ( Raheemullah). I need to know if there is a book in english written in. Compiled by Sayf ad-Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al- Albani Unveiled An Exposition of His Errors and other important issues Compiled . Al-albaniUnveiled-AnExpositionOfHisErrorssayfAd-dinAhmedIbnMuhammad.

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Full text of “Al Albani Unveiled An Exposition Of His Errorssayf Ad Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad”

In general, one does not take an accounting problem to a shoe salesman. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I have read other biographies and asked some of his supporters in England to give me the name of al-Albani’s Hadith Shaykh; but to no avail. Imam Tahawi lived in a time when most of the Hadith had been collected after Bukhari, Muslim etchence he had an ideal opportunity to sift through the Hadith on Raful-Yadayn and he came to the conclusion that Imam Abu Hanifah’s Rahimahullah view point was more convincing to him, and in this regard he quoted some Hadiths negating the practise of Raful-Yadayn in some of his works.

Exactly the same is the case with Muhammad bin ‘Umaarah. Most of them have not been taught by reliable Muslim ulama who are specialised in the field. The first question that should be raised is: Ahmad ibn Hanbal rahimahullahthe Imam of our Madhhab, said that greeting a man of bid’ah meant loving him since it had been declared in a Hadith, ‘Disseminate your greeting salaam!

al-Albani Unveiled: Important Issues of Fiqh

AssalaamuAlaikum, There is a 57 page refutation on the said book at www. O you who believe! What you are about to unfeiled is of dire importance to the believer who accepts the authority of the Noble Hadith, second only to the Holy Qur’an al-Karim.

This group includes the truthful, the martyrs and the virtuous; it includes the minarets of guidance, lamps in the darkness and owners of such superiorities and virtues who have been already mentioned. It is written in “al- Mudawwanah”, vol. The Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him said: The above was an analysis of Muhammad ibn Yusufs narration via Saaib ibn Yazid.


So, by Allah glance at this mistake! But this is in direct contradiction to what has been related from Imam Malik Rahimahullah by his famous disciple, Imam ibn al-Qasim. He is also known as Shaykh an-Najdi by his opponents and his followers have been labelled as either ‘Najdi’s’ or ‘Wahhabi’s’ by the Ahl al -Sunnah.

This is the Madhhab of Iinan, tenets of faith. He has many well known students and has visited places through out the Middle East and Europe. Their proof is the report which Bayhaqi has, with genuine authority, narrated from Sa’ib ibn Yazid. These people should always remember that if a disciple contradicts the opinion of his master, then this is the result of the natural prerogative bestowed upon him, when he attained the high and honourable grade of Ijtihad.

Many of us who are practising Muslims or otherwise, are familiar with the epithet ‘Wahhabi’. These two Imam’s followed the footprints of Rasulullah Peace be upon him and albabi Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them all.

Al-Albani claimed that Abu Haatim said that this narrator was: In fact we have to remember that Ibn Umar Allah be pleased with him said that the Prophet Peace be upon him”used to” perform Raful- Yadayn. The statements that I shall be quoting in favour of Imam Malik’s authoritative opinion, comes directly from his most famous disciples, where as the reference coming from Ibn Asakir as given by al- Albani, was albai well over zlbani after the death of Imam Malik NB- Imam Malik passed away in the year AH; while Imam Ibn Asakir was born in the year AH!

He reports a tradition on the authority of Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas Allah be pleased with unveileed As for Shaykh Saqqaf, the respected reader may get the impression that he has an uncompromising demeanour in some of his comments made straight after he exposes an error of al-Albani.


This no doubt applies most strongly to those brothers and sisters who may have wholeheartedly relied on al-Albani’s classifications of Hadith by way of Slbani in their quest to adhere to the authentic Sunnah.

Another version on the authority of Ibn Umar Allah be pleased with him says: This by Allah, is a grave contradiction from within the same book, and tantamount to his admission that besides the Hanafi’s, the Ibaadiyyah sect do not also raise their hands!

As for the chapter and page no. It includes the saints and also those Imams on whose guidance Muslims are unanimous.

Unveilsd has the choice of placing the hands. He who is happy with his right behaviouror unhappy with his wrong behaviour, is a true believer. He then folds the fingers of his right hand, but he leaves his index finger unfolded and pointing forward with its side pointing towards his face. All the Ahadith which contradict this are inauthentic.

Al Albani Unveiled An Exposition Of His Errorssayf Ad Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad

Rather, they have received semi- knowledge directly from books and newspapers without any opportunity for revision or discussion which could test the learner’s understanding and analyze the depth of his knowledge. Blind following of Madhhabs, ed. B Is it not true that those who are calling for the abandonment of Taqleed, are calling for the Taqleed of their own books and speeches; unvdiled creating their own little ‘Madhhabs’?