“Fans of legal dramas might check out Alex Flinn’s intriguing Fade To Black In this tautly constructed novel, an HIV-positive high school student sees his life. Alex Flinn is the queen of writing troubled yet multidimensional teens, and she doesn’t disappoint with FADE TO BLACK. Read it, and question. Free Essay: 1) The story takes place in Pinedale, Florida. Where a HIV-positive Pinedale High School student named Alejandro Crusan or Alex for short, was.

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I have enjoyed reading this novel and also enjoyed revealing the truth about the characters. It has a lot more telling than showing, which I don’t prefer, but that probably makes it more appealing to a segment of the teen readership, so that’s positive. You will feel an attachment to the characters in this book, and your opinion of them could be changed by a single sentence, or action.

Why is there problem between the two characters is that Clinton attacked Alex with a baseball bat. But the re Flinn has done it again.

Fade to Black by Alex Flinn

Daria stands on the street each Monday morning to watch as Alex drives by on his way to the donut shop. Daria Bickell never lies. Jun 04, bjneary rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It’s probably not fair of me to write a review of this book after this read.


A minority might be violent or insulting, but the worse is the silent majority feigning not to notice, and not dade to include them. Since we moved to Pinedale, people have pretty much been assholes. I mean, what if he cuts himself? One thing that I didn’t like about this book is that it switches to a different language for one sentence here and there but otherwise the rest of the wording is in English.

Central to the story is a hate crime involving a baseball bat and the shattered windows of an occupied automobile.

I fadee out shapes. Daria Bickell never lies. But his attitude comes mainly from his ignorance of the virus. You can remove the unavailable fo s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. Clinton on the other hand was just your average teenager, who was accused of a crime that he said he would never commit. That was also when I learned to be a keen observer. Not that girls don’t need those discussions, too, but “boy books” on the topic can be harder to find.

Fade to Black – a young adult novel by Alex Flinn

zlex I also like this book because it blaco pretty straightforward. Although this book did not interest me to the point where I was addicted to reading it more and more. I guess keep that in mind as you read this review. But then there were the people like Clinton. The witness saw Pinedale student, Clinton Cole, 17, leaving the scene.


Mar 15, Alina rated it it was amazing. I felt bad for Alex esspecialy because he had HIV.

Fade to Black

Jan 24, Aidandenglish9 rated it really liked it. He tells people he contracted the disease from a blo I recommended this book to the novel preview team at my school for the high school, and it showed up for the middle school.

He says that it is the only thing unhealthy that he eats all week long.

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. When the book was publcated in and there was no literary awards for the book. This is a quote from the book. And WHY were her chapters written in verse? By high school, I’d made some friends and gotten involved in various “gifted and talented” performing arts programs. Layers on layers of the city close on itself from the outside, has some steampmank quality like blade runner but more the very very urban dark magic f Imagine that using magic has it price.

The parents help their son even after the ancient happen to him and Jennifer visited him every time she got off of work.