DD Basu has great chapters regarding Introduction, how the constitution came into being, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS(The most important chapter) and then. Buy online INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D BASU. Buy online WORKBOOK ON CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D Basu. Introduction to the Constitution of India This book is the first of its kind, which presents the great work of Dr. DD Basu in the form of a workbook, supplementing his.

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Introduction To The Constitution Of India by Durga Das Basu

What’s more astonishing about the book is that unlike many other academic books which just get the things done through mere facts this book has done a fair job in interpreting various judgements and correlating them to the aforementioned provisions in the book. Chapters related to Fundamental rights is must read. Return to Book Page. I have ordered old edition A magisterial piece of work. Certified BuyerRanchi.

The Power of Raisina Hill: This book is best book to understand Indian constitution comparing with constitution of other countries. The book is good for understanding the power the constitution wields over the nation d.d.basj its people, but what dissatisfied me a little was just the perfunctory references provided while explaining the content.


It is must read for every Indian. The Philosophy of the Constitution Brace up, its heavy! To the novice, this book might initially present a challenge but keep in mind that like wine, once you get over the bitter part, enjoyment ensues. It gives an account of the working of each of the provisions of the Constitution during its first decade with reference to statutes and decisions wherever necessary, together with the critical estimate of its trends.


It is necessary read for everyone. After so much of trouble that the country had been facing – Anna Hazare’s fast unto death campaign, Black Money case, 2G Spectrum, CWG Scam case – which had lead me to feel devastated and having lost my faith in undian system and the law of the land, this book comes as a refresher and bring back the hope that Indian Constitution will act as a check on the government byy other persons and introductioj make everything better by asserting itself.

Certified BuyerMumbai. The author has even provided some raw texts from the original Constitution document to make things more clear and transparent in analysis. It is the best source to understand exactly what the framers of the country wanted India to look like. Introdhction Constitution —Origins and Evolution; Volume 9. You get to understand why the things are so instead of how bu are so. Nov 02, Shantanu Vishnoi rated it it was amazing. Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles have been explained in much detail with the help of its history, amendments, working and several landmark judgement of Supreme This book by Acharya D D Basu is introducyion masterpiece Book starts with an overall introduction of the constitution and subsequently goes through all the parts of constitution.


You have to read the Constitution in order to understand its importance and ny for the nation and its people. This book is one of the best with clear explanation of the articles of the constitution.

Certified BuyerKollam. Apr 15, Akshay K rated it it was amazing. It’s such a phenomenal work you’ll literally feel your mental horizons expand while you’re at it.

Powers, Functions and Privileges. A very good book detailing the constitution of India.


May 07, Nishant Raj rated it it was amazing. Basu has written this masterpiece to make things easy for us. It provides a glimpse of what a free man in free India can do and should do.

About LexisNexis LexisNexis is a leading global introducttion of books for professionals in the legal, corporate, law enforcement, and academic market s. Best book to understand constitution of India. Social problems in india 02 Edition.

I find that certain landmark cases have recurring mentions while some are totally erased. It would have been more prudent to include a brief description of all the cases in an appended case-story section. Add 3 Items to Cart.

Commentary on the Constitution of India; Vol So get yourself a copy of this book and get on with it! Lists with This Book.

Powers, Functions and Privileges. Indias Constitution —Origins and Evolution; Volume 9.