: AngelCare AC New Model Deluxe Movement Sound Monitor with Night Light: Baby Monitors: Baby. Buy Angelcare AC Baby Movement Monitor with Sound at Argos. Thousands of products for same day delivery £, or fast store collection. Angelcare AC 94 customer reviews on Australia’s largest opinion site out of 5 stars for Angelcare AC in Baby Monitors.

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Angelcae it av401 at a glance. The easy-to-read screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays nursery room temperature and Sound Lights, as well as your various settings. Turn on this feature and your Parent Unit will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently. If you are like most moms and dads, you take advantage of the moments baby is sleeping to get things done around your home. So carry the Parent Unit with you from room to room, for your peace of mind.

This system operates on a 2. The low-battery indicator on the screen of the monitor lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries.

AC401 Parent Unit

Keep your Parent Unit close by and on vibration mode anytime the sound of the alarm might be disruptive. DO NOT use monitor with two or more babies, even if they are in the same crib, as the monitor will continue to pick up movement even if one of the babies has stopped moving.

You need to install a separate system in a different crib for each baby. You must then set each system to a different channel to avoid interference. Should you decide to use two AC monitors in the same room, one monitor needs to be programmed to movement only and the other to sound and movement.

Furthermore, please note that both Sensor Pads included in the AC Deluxe Plus kit cannot be used separately to monitor twins, as they are joined by a cord under the mattress.

You can order replacement parts by sending an email to our Customer Support at ac. For product inquiries, please make sure to include the product number, your current country location, where and when you purchased the product, and a detailed description of your request. You can order replacement parts through the retailer you purchased your product from.

Please click here for the Contact in your country. Please verify the transmission frequency and the adapter model number used by your baby monitor in the country where it was purchased. If your monitor was purchased in Europe, your monitor should work within the EU.

However, other countries use different transmission frequencies and adapters and therefore it may not be possible. Please contact us for frequency information and compatibility while traveling abroad.

Not all models have batteries in the Camera unit and therefore do not have this capability — please check your user manual to determine if your model has batteries. The sensor pad must be placed directly on a solid surface under the mattress. It is not compatible with hollow core mattresses or mattresses containing memory foam that comes in contact with the sensor pad.

Simply place a hard board between the crib base and the Sensor Pad movement detector. Please ensure that you have adjusted the sensitivity in the case of false alarms and place the sensor pad under the mattress positioned in the center for optimal coverage. The Sensor Pad is completely safe. The wires do not carry any current nor emit any form of energy.

Please ensure all cords are out of baby’s reach. Your Nursery Unit is pre-programmed to sense movement and sound the moment it is connected to a power source or batteries are put in it — regardless if the Sensor Pad is plugged into the Nursery Unit or not.


AC Parent Unit | Angelcare Baby

Therefore, if no movement is detected, the alarm will emit one short beep after 15 seconds, followed by loud beeps in rapid succession 5 seconds later. Both units will need to be turned on. The product must be accompanied by a proof of purchase, either a bill of sale or other proof that the monitoring system is within the warranty period.

This warranty does not apply to a product which has been damaged as a result of improper maintenance, an accident, improper voltage supply or angelcxre other angelcarre of misuse. The warranty is also void if the owner repairs or modifies the product in any way. The warranty also excludes any liability other than what is stated above. No other warranty is given.

Please do not return this product to the store. If you have questions, or need help, please contact customer support. Slide the Sensor Pad under the crib mattress and its motion detectors will pick up the slightest movements, whether baby is sound asleep or wide awake.

Product is not available to purchase at this time. Full Color Digital Display See it all at a glance. Audio “Tic” Feature Turn on this feature and your Parent Unit will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently.

Crystal Clear Transmission This system operates on a 2. Sound Lights So you can see and hear the sounds baby makes. Low Battery Indicator The low-battery indicator on the wngelcare of the monitor lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries. Adjustable Movement Pad Sensitivity Allows you to select your desired movement sensitivity level. Frequency Band This system operates on the frequency band. Number of Channels 8 channels manually selected. Continuous or Voice-Activated Sound Monitoring Voice-activated or continuous transmission only available in certain countries.

Rated 4 out of 5 by LynG from Peace of mind I put this on our registry and was so excited that it was purchased for us! This has given us peace of mind since we moved our little one out of the bassinet in our room to the crib in her own room. We have been using it for about a month and have not had any false alarms yet.

I know it works because if I pickup baby before turning the sensor off the alarm sounds. The only con so far is that there is a constant humming and clicking noise through the parent monitor. It’s most noticeable at night as we lay in bed.

I angelare read this is common on some models and anyelcare have yet to find acc401 fix for it- we have tried changing channels, disconnecting wifi in the house and moving cell phones further away from the device. Somewhat annoying but I’ll deal with it as long as I know it’s working! Rated 5 out of 5 by NekoKitsune from Great product! I have had this monitor for 5 months now. My son was having trouble with Apnoea attacks at the hospital so we bought it as a precaution.

Only issue we have is sometimes the parents model will make a loud fuzzy noise but it only happens rarely and I think it has to do with it being to far away from the baby monitor part did it on one side anvelcare our room doesn’t seem to when moved to closer to the baby’s room so the other side of our room. It’s easy to use, has great detail on the parents monitor temp of baby’s room, a little metronome like a clock one that shows baby is moving and the pad is sensing it Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Julzb from Piece of mind for first time mom After tons and tons of research I decided to go with this monitor.


My sister used this with both her kids and loved it as well. The monitor is relatively easy to install and anngelcare sensitivity of it is amazing. I looked into sound and video monitors as well but this got amazing reviews from the baby gear lab and I can sleep at night knowing that my little one is safe thanks to this awesome monitor!! Rated 5 out of 5 by LilLisa87 from Absolutely love it After a family member lost their child to SIDS i was terrified of something happening so i got this monitor while i was still pregnant.

I have had it going every nap time and night for 2years and i can honestly say i have no issues with it.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Breathing Movement and Audio Monitor with Wired Sensor Pad

I can clearly hear every sound she makes, you can set room temperature alerts, the parent unit is fully changable to suit any individual preferance – from light sleeper to heavy sleeper or ‘want to hear everything’ to ‘just tell me when there is a problem’. I highly recommend angelcre to everyone. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jeffersonmommy from Will be buying another one!!

I will be buying another one for my baby due in December because I love it! That only happened a few times. It also shows the temperature which was awesome for knowing if I needed a fan or not or adjust the thermostat. Rated 4 out of 5 by littlejs from Excellent with a few glitches We used this for our oldest and loved it.

Angelcare AC Reviews –

The comfort it gave my anxious mind was invaluable. We did have some occasions of false alarms where the unit would beep as if baby had stopped breathing, but each time it was a fluke.

Once we got the sensitivity set properly, those instances were reduced. Another concern is the cord from the sensor pad to the monitor. The other issue we had was the lights on the monitor gave out eventually making it impossible to change the settings. All in all, we did love it and will be buying a new one for our next. Rated 5 out of 5 by Walcifur from Love it! I’ve had this through two children and love it. I’m convinced it saved my first child’s life.

She zc401 a premie and the alarm went off. I wc401 into her anfelcare to find her not breathing.

I shook her lightly anvelcare yelled and she took a giant intake of breath. Classic SIDS where kid stops breathing and respiratory system too immature to kick-start alone.

This model doesn’t have video, which I have never felt the need for. Rated 4 out of 5 by MacMon from Pretty cool Gadget This was recommended to us by a friend who tried a number of these out. It’s really great espeacially for the price. Can I use my AC monitor for twins or triplets? Can I purchase a replacement parent unit, camera or sensor pad? Can I use my monitor in a different country?

Which is the right side up of the Sensor Pad? What happens in the event of a power failure? Can the Sensor Pad detect my baby’s movements through any type of mattress? I have a spring base crib or a slat base crib.