ANGELICA ZAMBRANO 2nd TESTIMONY OF HEAVEN & HELL On her second experience, Angelica Zambrano from Equador was shown by the Lord, the Lambs book English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. Topics 23 hours dead, Angelica Zambrano, christ, vision, end of days, hell, heaven, doomsday, cross, damnation, For written testimony or transcript of video and other translations It was transcribed into English from Video. Now Angelica Zambrano makes her grandiose entrance into the what we say with many testimonies and references from the Holy Scriptures.

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Daughter, My people no longer spread the gospel. Jesus said, ” Look Daughter, those people that you see there, those people don’t know Me yet. Take for example, Michael Jackson. While I was recording that video, the Lord told me, “Talk about him. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Does the Lord speak so foolishly? Everything was so beautiful, so brilliant, like shining glass, it was absolutely supernatural, inexplicable!

False Teacher – Angelica Zambrano

I looked at the boy as he was being tormented. It is not reported of believers in Scripture or from any believer in Christ I have ever met or heard of. But guess who gives those signs and wonders when a wicked teshimony adulterous generation asks for them? I wondered, ” Lord when the moment comes, how will it be? You will write everything as you are observing it, as you will live it. I said, “What does this book mean, what is written on it?


If death were to surprise that person who has failed to forgive, that person may go to hell, for no one can purchase life. To announce that He will come soon and I want to remind you one more time that Christ comes soon for a prepared Church. The Bible says that the Lord tests us, it is clearly written in Malachi 3: Daughter, I want to tell you that I am not coming for these people. What my daughter went through zambrani not easy.

Can any reasonable person even think to trust Zambrano and her testimony? The Lord said, ” There is no other testinony [for those here] ; there is still opportunity for those who are alive. He came to agreement with the devil in order to achieve fame and attract many fans. Testimony in English Angelica Zambranothe revelation of heaven and hellAngelica Zambrano ‘s testimonythe revelation of heaven and hell23 hours deadthe revelation of heaven and hell to Zambrano angelicaAngelica Zambrano English Hell and Heaven.

As I looked, I saw a beautiful, tall, elegant, muscular man. They want these people to return to the world again; to look back and end up in hell…Go and tell the pastors to speak the truth. Tell them to rid themselves of grudges, of resentment, of that hatred in their hearts, for it is time to forgive!

In research we found a page ancient manuscript regarding this word, that spoke of a real Hell. You like this Web. How shall the saints know victory, peace, cheer, and joy if the Victor is forlorn and weeping, as though He has lost the battle to the loser whose works He destroyed? I began to doubt again because the demons were getting so close to me.

There were plates, gold goblets, fruit; everything was served.

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Angelica Zambrano 1st Testimony of Heaven and Hell – Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

One of the greatest experiences that my daughter had was when she saw many entertainers in hell, including dancers, and also Pope John Paul II. Either this is the case with Zambrano, or she saw nothing and is lying or imagining things. Later we arrived at this beautiful garden. She witnessed Michael Jackson, Selena and a Pope burning in Hell and satanic traps for children, and was told the truth about Mary and idolatry. He took englksh to another cell.

I mean what steps do I take to open testumony door of my heart for the Lord so that I will enable his perfect love in my life? Notice the theme of zxmbrano prayers. You will go to hell because God will ask you and account for that. Angelica wanted so much to be special, to be different, demanding that the Lord make her His daughter.

I will tell you part of the fourth experience that the Lord let me have. There was a very large vessel in the middle of the table, which contained the wine for the dinner. My daughter started giving her things away.

Daughter, they want to destroy them; they have many darts. My name is Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora. Jesus said, ” Daughter, see how My people have walked away from Me. She had some type of covering around her.