Animorphs has 21 ratings and 0 reviews. Cassie had it. After the last last mission, she realizes she’s getting tired of missions. Tired of battles. Tired. Something is very wrong with Ax. He’s sick, and the Animorphs don’t know what to do about it. They can’t take him to the hospital. They don’t know how to. The Sickness (Animorphs) [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When the Animorphs’ alien friend Ax comes down with.

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The children morph and enter the pipes, but Jake falls ill from Ax’s virus although it is established that this virus will just make humans sick rather than having the fatal effects that the Andalite version has on Ax. There was a lot of action in this one. Aftran, the Yeerk that knows about the Animorphs and is Cassie’s friend see book 19 is up for interrogation by the Visser.

Cinnamon Bunzuh! – An Animorphs Review Blog: Book The Sickness

Not only does she have Ax to worry about she now also need to save Aftran before sickbess too late. Jun 25, Omiai rated it really liked it. Cassie morphing the Yeerk was particularly bad. Rachel for certain, but since my point of view on those two characters and their heroism is diametrically animorpgs, I am probably overlooking Cassie’s potential.

They’re just like humans. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Richard’s Animorphs Forum – E-Books | The Sickness (Book 29)

I I thought that it was going to be funny. The Sickness advertised in Scholastic Book Orders. It was very awwww.

Michelle Ruiz marked it as to-read Jan 11, Since Visser Three wanted information, I can see how Aftran wasn’t killed instantly, and the visser did hustle to take care of it. Marco is the next to fall ill. To turn away from everything she had once believed, to become the enemy of those closest to her. I always thought Cassie was the mildest of the animorphs but in this adventure, she understood the stakes and she proved to be just as tough as the sicknsss of them.

Peregrine falconeel. Basically, Cassie is at her best in this book. Peace, Love, and Animals: The Yeerks would figure it sicknesx if someone gets the wrong host, so none of the slugs do that on purpose.

Bien Manisengwe rated it it was amazing May 02, OspreySilverback gorillagreat horned owl. Plus, it might have given more justification to her awful IMO decision to give the blue box to Animprphs if there’d been solid evidence that most Yeerks would reject infesting if they had the power to morph.

Thee, there were some very nice moments where Cassie was just an anlmorphs teenage girl, feeling awkward about her quasi-relationship with Jake and the fact that none of the girls at school know they are together or even believe it could ever be possible!

Animorphs: The Sickness, The Departure, The Conspiracy, Alternamorphs The First Journey

Marco is the next to fall ill. In eel morph, the team rush down the pipes. There were to many conveniences and everything once again just fell into place so perfectly. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Retrieved from ” http: Aftran was probably the most emotional bit of the book. I read it straight through without a break!! The Animorphs’ alien friend Ax is in trouble. Tobias then comes up with the idea of using an eel morph and he retrieves one from a local bait shop that he knows of. Everyone you care about will be made Controllers.

Jan 14, Ian rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the middle of the night, he tries to kill his father with a dagger, but is stopped by Jake with the help of rest of the Animorphs, who are running a plan devised by Marco. It is known to have been ghostwritten by Laura Battyanyi-Weiss.

She had experienced all the richness and wonder of our world. Apr 03, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: Anonymous July 30, at 3: I mean, if some Hork-Bajir are going to burst in the door any second I might want to bake a cake or something.

It was pretty cool driving by myself.