ANTI HIV USING NANO ROBOTS – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Document By SANTOSH. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Ankita Joshi and others published Anti HIV Using Nanorobots }. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected Web’s. By doing so constant levels of Web’s are maintained in the blood stream.

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Anti-HIV Using Nanotech Seminar Report

When fully realized from the hypothetical stage, they would work at the atomic ,molecular and cellular level to perform tasks in both the medical and industrial fields.

It operates at specific site only. Eric Drexler, “Nanotechnology summary”. Thus the AIDS patient is provided with the immune system so that he can defend himself from diseases. So we should attempt to create 5. The conversion rate should be at least five times greater than that of the HIV conversion rate.

Thereby the host system is vulnerable to small diseases which will turn into a fatal one but actually it is not a fatal disease. By doing so, constant levels of WBC’s are maintained in the blood stream.

Passive diamond exteriors may Carbon nanotube network field-effect transistors turn out to be ideal. The effect of HIV on the immune system is the result of a gradual usually elimination of the Th1 and Th2 helperT-cellsub-populations. Human Immuno deficiency Virus: HIV belongs to a special class of viruses called retroviruses. A navigational network may be installed in the 2.

Nanorobots will typically be 0.


Related nanorobots could be programmed to recognize and digest cancer cells, or to clear circulatory obstructions within minutes in order to rescue the stroke patients from ischmenic damage. Normally, these actions are wonderfully protective of us. Normally, these actions are wonderfully protective of us. Nanorobots will typically be 0. Molecular manufacturing can construct a range of medical instruments and devices with greater jiv. Having nanorobots inside the body it is very essential to know the actions done by it.

Nanorobots would be typically devices ranging in size from 0. Larger nanoparticles may accumulate in vital organs, creating a toxicity problem. Glucose The enormous potential in the biomedical capabilities or natural body sugars and oxygen might be a source of Nano-Robots and the imprecision and less side for propulsion, and it will have other biochemical or effects of medical treatments today make Nano- molecular parts depends on task.

This would allow a permanent cure of any pre-existing genetic disease, and permit cancerous cells to be reprogrammed to a healthy state 5. The enormous potential in the usiny capabilities of Nano-Robots and the imprecision and less side effects of medical treatments today make Nano- Robots very desirable.

Naorobots paper starts by giving an introduction to nanorobots and its importance as recognized by various other technocrats. Now we have the so-called microprocessors and microarray technology that would reach the nano level within a few decades, we suppose.

The designed anti-HIV nanorobots are injected into the blood stream.

Tools developed through nanotechnology may be able to detect disease in a very small amount of cells or tissue and may allow tools for different tests to be situated together. Don’t enter email or mobile no. Both B- and for supremacy is continuous until the body eventually T-cell members respond to the threat, which succumbs, apparently because of the inability to any- eventually results in jiv elimination of the substance longer usong T-cells.


Having nanorobots inside the body it is very essential to know the actions done by it.

Anti-HIV using Nanorobots

It operates at specific site only. This results in the complete inability of our body to ward-off even the weakest of the organisms. Other challenges are Nanostructures can be so small that the body may clear them too rapidly for them to be effective in detection or imaging. There is a focused loss over time of immune cell function, which allows intrusion by several different infectious agents, the result of which is loss of the ability of the body to fight infection and the subsequent acquisition of diseases such as pneumonia.

Nanorobots are nanodevices that will be antk for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the human body against pathogens. Some call this technology to be nanotechnology and some others name it the molecular nanotechnology, to be specific.

To make the treatment more specific we use the new technology called Nanotechnology which has bio-medical application. Neurological complications and dramatic weight loss are the symptoms of end stage HIV disease.

It could metabolize local glucose and oxygen for 7. One of the simplest 8. This is the beginning of nanoera and we could expect further improvements such as a medicine to AIDS using nanotechnology.