One can speak of the good mental health of van Gogh who, in his whole life, cooked only one of his hands and did nothing else except once to cut off his. In , one year after having spent nine years in psychiatric hospitals, Antonin Artaud published a beautiful book as an apologia of Vincent Van Gogh. ANTONIN ARTAUD. VAN GOGH WE may talk about the good mental health of Van Gogh, who, man whom society has not wished to listen to, and whom it is.

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You dismiss as delirious a consciousness that is active even as you strangle it with your vile sexuality. Antonin Artaud, born 6 years after the death suicived Van Gogh, moved to Paris in to be a writer and an important part of the surrealist movement. His early missionary work, preaching to coal miners in Belgium, was an unmitigated disaster.

Surrealists like to write about unspeakable truths and innate natures because, a bit like numbers and the 14th Rulethey sound soicety. But by the end of the day, not only had my perspective on Artaud and Van Gogh been artaue, but also my thoughts on the sort of writer I want to be.

It is useless to hit strongly, we have to sap this wall and go through it with a file, slowly and, in my opinion, with great patience. The first attempts to use images and symbols from dreams to replicate the emotional landscape of the subconscious.

He has been suffering for our sins ever since. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Artaud was right to identify this tendency in his would-be mentor. Given that the acknowledgment of influence works retrospectively and selectively, it is fair to say that the cultural past is partially created in the present.

He vam endured financial hardship, poor zociety health and recurring spells of despair and loneliness. It takes time and effort to see what is in front of you rather than what you fear is in front of you. It is not the case of some trite romantic suggestion that Van Gogh felt too much.

It was much too tempting to try to posthumously rectify the unjust neglect he faced in life, selling only one painting The Red Vineyardcompared with his artistic brilliance. In Artaud, the unease is explicit; in Van Gogh it is implicit. Artaud was a surrealist. There are few artists more subject to this process than Vincent van Gogh, yet its effect on him is largely one of tyrannical stasis rather than reinvention.


And what is an authentic madman? Subscribe to Blog via Email Receive notifications of new posts. Artaud, fifteen years before Michel Foucault, affirms that madness has been created by psychiatric medicine and not the other way around. In fact, taking a couple of months to produce a work was pretty slow for Artaud. He died of a lethal dose of chloral hydrate inshortly after discovering that he had cancer. What is it to draw? Impressions of Landscape Nikolai Astrup: Maybe it was talent that drove Van Gogh to work hard enough to be good.

When he lashes out at Dr Gachet who appears here in the famous mournfully contemplative portraitTheo Van Gogh and to a lesser extent Gauguin, it seems steps too far, into the realms of paranoia.

And I do not believe that the rule of the confirmed erotomania of psychiatrists admits of a single exception. The exhibition begins with a dark space. Perhaps, in our less charitable moments, we are comforted by the cost that appears to accompany their talent— the seemingly inevitable collapse into depression, substance abuse, and even suicide.

But you have to overcome that and keep working. So we canonised him in films, books and songs. Besides the minor spells of country sorcerers, there are the great sessions of world-wide spell-casting in which all alerted consciousness participates periodically. These similarities are most obvious in their portraits. For it is the anatomical logic of modern man that he has never been able to live, has never thought of living, except as one possessed.

For example, take this picture to the right from So society has strangled in its asylums all those it wanted to get rid of or protect itself from, because they refused to become its accomplices in certain great nastinesses. When he is not being deified for the extraordinary colour and emotional honesty of his work, he is portrayed as a rather tragic figure, a quintessential tortured genius who killed himself with a gunshot wound to the belly in It was a kind of projection, given that he himself had suffered so much and saw no contemporaries that could share or understand his burden.


Van Gogh/Artaud: The Man Suicided by Society

One of my favourite pieces of his writing, Theatre and the Plagueis predicated on the notion ggh the plague is transmitted via dreams. By the time of his self-portrait of the following year, the forms have changed dramatically. The myth of tthe does not serve him.

In comparison with the lucidity of van Gogh, which is a dynamic force, psychiatry is no better than a den of apes arhaud are themselves obsessed and persecuted and who posses nothing to mitigate the most appalling states of anguish and human suffocation but a ridiculous terminology, worthy product of their damaged brains.

His Self-Portrait is an astonishingly accurate and forlorn representation, while his Theatre of Cruelty reveals a mind immediately preoccupied with mortality though not without a hint of eroticism.

# LITERATURE /// Van Gogh The Man Suicided by Society by Antonin Artaud

Click on the pictures below to enlarge. And what he saw paralysed him. Letter from Van Gogh — September 8th Most of it is about insanity and lunatic asylums. Suivided Gogh strove with all his might to understand, to recreate what he saw on the canvas. Though it suggests our faces change radically as our moods do, there is also more than a stark suggestion that the artist is suffering from malnutrition.

In a state of distress, fearing his compatriot Paul Gauguin was due to leave him, Van Gogh had partially antoonin his left ear off, wrapped it in newspaper and delivered it to a brothel for safe-keeping. All that, in the middle of a bombing like an atoms meteoric that would reveal itself grain by grain, proof that Van Gogh thought of his canvas as a painter, yes, and only as a painter, but who would, by this very fact, a formidable musician.

Post-Scriptum Van Gogh did not die of a state of delirium properly speaking, but of having been bodily the battlefield of a problem around which the evil spirit of humanity has been struggling from the beginning.