Get this from a library! Apologética historia sumaria.. [Bartolomé de las Casas; Edmundo O’Gorman]. Apologética historia sumaria / Fray Bartolomé de las Casas ; edición preparada por Edmundo O’Gorman, con un estudio preliminar, apéndices y un índice de. Jay I. Kislak Foundation, Bartholomé de Las Casas, Apologética historia sumaria. Manuscript, early 19th century. Arguably one of the truly.

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The colonist would only have rights to a certain portion of the total labor, so that a part of the Indians were always resting and taking care of the sick.

The judges then deliberated on the arguments presented for several months before coming to a verdict. Arriving in Puerto Ricoin Januaryhe received the terrible news that the Dominican convent at Chiribichi had been sacked by Indians, and that the Spaniards of the islands had launched a punitive expedition, led by Gonzalo de Ocampointo the very heart of the territory that Las Casas wanted to colonize peacefully.

They also carried out an inquiry into the Indian question at which all the encomenderos asserted that the Indians were quite incapable of living freely without their supervision. Las Casas committed himself to producing 15, ducats of annual revenue, increasing to 60, after ten years, and to erecting three Christian towns of at least 40 settlers each. Furthermore, he identifies the influence of Las Casas on certain figures in the School of Salamanca.

Inhe finished his Historia General de las Indias and signed it over to the College of San Gregorio, stipulating that it could not be published until after forty years. Scholar’s Press for Emory University.

This method was championed by prominent Franciscans such as Toribio de Benaventeknown as “Motolinia”, and Las Casas made many enemies among the Franciscans for arguing that conversions made without adequate understanding were invalid. Revisionist histories of the late 20th century have argued for a more nuanced image of Las Casas, suggesting that he was neither a saint nor a fanatic but a person with exceptional willpower and a sense of justice, which sometimes led him into arrogance, stubbornness, and hypocrisy.

Bartolomé de las Casas

Paolo Carozza traces the roots of that discourse to a distinctive application, and extension, of Thomistic moral philosophy to the injustices of Spanish conquests in the New World. Views Read Edit View history.

The judge, Fray Domingo de Sotosummarised the arguments. Arriving as one of the first Spanish and European settlers in the AmericasLas Casas initially participated in, but eventually felt compelled to oppose the abuses committed by colonists against the Native Americans.


Politics, the Church, and the Poor. When he accused the Hieronymites of being complicit in kidnapping Indians, the relationship between Las Casas and the commissioners broke down. The small town of Lascassas, Tennesseein the United States has also been named after him.

Cultural Readings – Las Casas, Apologetica historia

The Emperor, probably because of the doubts caused by Las Casas’s arguments, never took a final decision on the issue of the encomiendas. He wrote a letter asking for permission to stay in Spain a little longer in order to argue for the Emperor that conversion and colonization were best achieved by peaceful means.

In chapter 2, I analyze his eight treatises from the viewpoint of jurisprudence and show how he supported his conclusions, and stressed their binding nature, by reference to the canon-law concepts of tyranny, war, slavery, possessio malae fideiand restitution.

Las Casas managed to secure the support of the King’s Flemish courtiers, including the powerful Chancellor Jean de la Sauvage. Las Casas is often considered to be one of hiatoria first advocates for a universal conception of human dignity later human rights.

Las Casas had a considerable part in selecting them and writing the instructions under which their new government would be instated, largely based on Las Casas’s memorial.

Arriving in Spain he was met by a barrage of accusations, many of them based on his Confesionario and its 12 rules, which many of his opponents found to be in essence a denial of the wumaria of Spanish rule of its colonies, and hence a form of treason.

Las Casas and the commissioners traveled to Santo Domingo on historua ships, and Las Casas arrived two weeks later than the Hieronimytes. Las Casas worked hard to convince the king that it would be a bad economic decision, that it would return the viceroyalty to the brink of open rebellion, and could result in the crown losing the colony entirely. Las Casas wrote a treatise called ” De unico vocationis modo ” On the Only Way of Conversion based on the missionary principles he had used in Guatemala.

These congregated a group of Christian Indians in the location of what is now the town of Rabinal. Jun 28th, by David Lantigua. On what authority have you waged such bistoria wars against these people who dealt quietly and peacefully on their own lands? He has also come to be seen as an early advocate for a wpologetica of universal human rights.


All in all, modern historians tend to disregard the numerical figures given by Las Casas, but they maintain that his general picture of a violent and abusive conquest represented reality. Well, not quite in the US yet. Because of the fact that the land had not been possible to conquer by military means, the governor of Guatemala, Alonso de Maldonadoagreed to sign a contract promising that if the venture was successful he would not establish any new encomiendas in the area.

It also exempted the few surviving Indians of HispaniolaCubaPuerto Rico and Jamaica from tribute and all requirements of personal service.

Portals Access related topics. Las Casas was disappointed and infuriated. A highly anticipated book on Las Casas! Las Casas’s supporters were Diego Columbus and the new chancellor Gattinara. Also inbefore venturing into Tuzulutlan, Las Casas went to OaxacaMexicoto participate in a series of discussions and debates among the bishops of the Dominican and Franciscan orders.

But apart from the clerical business, Las Casas had also traveled to Spain for his own purpose: As sumafia British Empire rose to power and hostilities between the British and Spanish began, the British used Las Casas’s accounts of Spanish cruelty as a political tool, as part of the foundation of what Spanish nationalists have called the Black Legendthe tendency of historians to slander Spain for its imperial past but to look mildly apllogetica the same undertakings by others such as the British.

Like one who kills a son before his father’s eyes is the man who offers sacrifice from the property of the poor.

Traveling back to Spain to recruit more missionaries, he continued lobbying for the abolition of the encomiendagaining an important victory by the passage of the New Laws in In Friede, Juan; Keen, Benjamin. Edited and translated by George Sanderlin Maryknoll: In he wrote a letter to Garcia ManriqueCount of Osornoprotesting again the mistreatment of the Indians and advocating a return to his original reform plan of He oversaw the construction of a monastery in Puerto Plata on the north coast of Hispaniola, subsequently serving as prior of the convent.

Duke University Press, The Emperor sent Pedro de la Gascaa friend of Las Casas, to reinstate the rule of law, and he in turn defeated Pizarro.