AR , Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. b. . Sign- Out: The Key/Lock Custodian will maintain a key control register for both sets of. PHYSICAL SECURITY OF ARMS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVES. AFVA-3BD 07 June MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED. SUBJECT: Key Control SOP. 1. References: a: AR b: AR

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A written record of the inventory will be retained until the next inventory is conducted. Yes or NO d. You are expected to comply with these instructions with the utmost efficiency.


Maximum number of items to be stored by Tenants: Has a risk analysis of the battalion motor pool been properly completed using AR and DA Pam ? Log and report only those vehicles with deficiencies, i. When a key is lost or missing, the padlock will be replaced immediately.

Consolidated Arms Storage Facility: Ensure a risk analysis of your motor pool is conducted every three years. If the motor pool has a Risk Analysis for Physical Protective Measure, Level II, is a clear zone of 10 feet or more maintained between the perimeter fence and exterior structures, parking areas, and natural or manmade features, or as far from the perimeter as possible as required by ARpara b and FMpara b 2?


Is any item blocking the IDS sensors in any manner that could preventive the sensors from functioning properly?

10-11 These changes take effect immediately. Entry and exit from any other gates will be controlled by the gate guards. Army vehicles in non-combat areas will be secured with a locking mechanism when parked and not attended by an assigned operator.

Additional physical safeguard are: TAB V The SF Security Container Information is used to record the combinations to locks on vault doors and Class 5 security containers, and it is affixed to the inside of the vault or container, out of view when open. Are all keys listed on the key register by serial number, giving the location of the lock and the number of keys maintained for each lock as required by ARAppendix D-6d?

These quantities will be consistent with operational requirements not to exceed a total count of 20 rounds. TAB Q When not in use, all arms are secured in arms racks or containers within the arms rooms.


Check operator license and ID card. Pro Plan Chart — 55 Marshalling Signals. Issues or controls keys undergone and satisfactorily completed a command oriented security screening, as required by ARpara b? Are procedures for such consolidated arrangements established in SOP of the 19-011 headquarters, as required by ARpara ? TAB K Arms room doors are equipped with a built-in three position, dial type changeable combination lock. TAB Q A master key system is not used for supply rooms, arms, ammunition, and explosive storage buildings, arms rooms, racks, or containers.


Is the SF being retained in the unit for at least 24 hours after last entry? When other than individually assigned weapons are issued, are hand receipt procedures and control log coontrol used, as required by DA Pampara d 3? If the operator has a learner permit then the TC must have a valid license for that equipment.

Cintrol exterior lights covered with wire mesh screen a vandal resistant lenses, as required by ARpara d 5? The following information will be maintained on the register. Are the steering wheels of tactical vehicles immobilized with a chain and a low security padlock as required by ARpara e 1 b?

TAB S Inventories of keys and locks are conducted semiannually for vehicle keys and padlocks.

Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

The enclosure lists the items by serial number. Date of last risk analysis: The company will maintain two sets of arms room keys: Physical Security Standard Operating Procedures 1. TAB R Personnel are familiar with the two —person rule and ensure it is implemented when applicable.