Aranya Community Housing, Indore, India. Page 2. Aranya Community Housing, Indore, India. Page 3. Aranya Community Housing, Indore, India. Page 4. A study was conducted of such initiatives in a casy-study in India: The Aranya Housing Project, completed in and considered a model. Case study- “ARANYA” A housing project, Indore. Situated 6 km from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is a housing project for the middle and lower income groups of .

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The Climate of Indore was effectively taken into account and a conducive living environment was achieved in Aranya. Brick, stone and cement were locally available. Six sectors, each with populations of , lie to the east and west of the spine and are diagonally bisected by linear parks.

Aranya Community Housing | Aga Khan Development Network

Ottas are provided as casee meeting place or interactive place. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Internal streets and squares are paved. Clear hierarchy to be obtained. One solution is to use land as a resource to produce housing for the urban poor, by allowing them access to it to build their homes.

The Piles were cross connected at plinth level through concrete beams on which regular load bearing masonry walls rested. Open spaces and pedestrian pathways intersect and connect the clusters to the central spine. All Cycles Cycle. Csae master plan, prepared by the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation inis designed around a central spine comprising the business district.

ARANYA HOUSING Submitted by SAAJAN SHARMA location. – ppt video online download

When you talk to the people living there they are lot more open and willing to share and modify because the human being is basically a compassionate animal. Landscaping of Soekarno-Hatta Airport. The town centre in the middle part of arznya spine consisted of four clusters of shopping, residential and office complexes. Proposed master plan with interlinked open spaces, built form variations, distributed amenities, road network hierarchies and climate friendly orientation 4.



Conservation of Old Sana’a. Mosque of the Grand National Assembly. Most of the plots were small in and size and the houses were clustered in low rise blocks.

Payment schemes, and a series of site and service options, reflect the financial resources of this mixed community. Available to the poorest, in addition to the plot itself, are a concrete plinth, a service core, and a room. I forgot my password. What you need to find is how to create not separations but buffer zones, places where there is room for variation. The Indore Development Authority initiated an affordable housing project for 60, people that would tackle this issue and at the same time be affordable to the government and urban poor.

Skip to main content. Dowlat II Residential Complex.

Low-cost housing needs dignity, says Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi

A arnaya was conducted of such initiatives in a casy-study in India: Extensions such as balconies, open stairs and porches acts as both indoor and outdoor characters.

The promise of a home is not a limited hope, but the sky becomes the limit. Basic grid pattern envisaged for simple layout 2 Initial stage proposed plan with distributed open spaces and street hierarchies.

Bright Colours in the facades, railings, grills and cornices commonly seen in the old houses of Indore were used in some of the houses. A rectilinear site of 86 hpusing was designed to accommodate over dwellings, largely for the Weaker Economic Section. Designed by architect B. When we were studying you could see that besides the situation of living there in absolute misery, people were also willing to challenge themselves to find a better way of life, and seeking to overcome the problems.


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A celebrity in India where he speaks casse packed lectures, year-old Doshi, who studied under Le Corbusier, has worked on other projects — including mixed-income housing for a life insurance corporation in Ahmedabad and the underground Amdavad ni Gufa art gallery — but it is Aranya for which he is best known.

Planning System Services Location: Most houses were provided with an additional access at the backwhich allowed for keeping animals, a vehicle or even renting out part of the house to provide income. Speaking to the Guardian after the announcement of his award, Doshi said that architects and urban planners involved in low-income housing projects — as well as architectural education — needed to move away from their focus shudy the designer as individual to being far more collaborative, compassionate and invested in the dignity of those they house.

Previous efforts by the government to provide low-cost urban housing in India were aimed at supplying ready-built units. Three reservoirs, each serving two sectors were located at higher points of sector and were interconnected in such a way that any two could cover the entire population.

Khuda-ki-Basti Incremental Development Scheme. The site plan accommodates and integrates a variety of income groups.