Editorial Policies. Archaeologia Baltica is a annual refereed international. Archaeologia Baltica, Vol. 6 Klaipėda: Klaipėda University Press, Volume Archaeologia Baltica, Vol. 14 Underwater Archaeology in the Baltic .

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A case study from Kotedalen, Western Norway, p. The use of on-site pollen analysis, local pollen diagrams and modern pollen samples in investigations of cultural activity, p. Norwegian Archaeology – Past and Present, p.

Two hundred years of archaeological survey, p. Lithuanian Archaeology in the Past and Present, p.

Catalog Record: Archaeologia Baltica | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Interpreting Mesolithic axe deposits from a region in Western Norway, p. Cultural and regional boundaries in the Neolithic of the western coast of Norway – a present or past construction? Landscape archaeology Romas Jarockis. Lithuania and Western Norway in the Neolithic period: Edited by Algirdas Girininkas.


Bergen Museum – a Presentation, p. Ten years have passed since the appearance of the first volume of Archaeologia Baltica, an edition that was conceived and edited by habil. The existence of mankind is based on diverse and multi-faceted links between space and time. The ninth volume of Archaeologia Baltica is devoted to an elucidation of landscape archaeology and to the examination of the latest archaeological research in the eastern Archadologia.

Five volumes of Archaeologia Baltica were published during the next decade.

Stock Breeding in the Baltic Culture Area, p. Dedicated to the 70th birthday of Academician and Professor Dr habil.

Archaeologia Baltica

Investigation, Results, Prospects, p. Humans leave traces, some of them are more noticeable, some of them not at all, when they gain a foothold within a given space This special volume of Archaeologia Baltica includes papers from a session organised for the annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists which took place in Oslo in September A brief Introduction, archaeolpgia. These links are sometimes more and sometimes less visible, and sometimes just vaguely felt.


The Viking Period, p.

The Archaeology of Lithuania and Archaeklogia Norway: The book has pages, illustrated tables, black and white photos, pictureshardrcover, in English language. The book contains the proceedings of the Vilnius-Bergen Archaeological Conference, which took place in Vilnius in April of Edited by Tomas Ostrauskas.

Volumes – Archaeologia Baltica

Horse Burials in Lithuania, p. The use of vertebrate fauna remains in the interpretation of subsistence strategy and settlement patterns, with emphasis on fish and bird bones. Refitting as a Method in Stone Age Archaeology: Gender as a factor in the study of prehistoric societies, p.

Natural scientific methods, a potential, or more needed in future archaeology?