Stolen Car. Archie Weller. -. -. In , as editor of Identity magazine, Jack Davis advertised a short story contest which was open to all Black Australians. Over. Hey all, Continueing on from my last blog post, the next text I will review is not a poem, but a short story. Stolen Car was written by Archie Weller. Archie Weller has positioned me to feel sympathetic for the main The cultural code is a main code used by the author in “Stolen Car,”.

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These colours lend to the environment, as feelings of melancholy and desolation. Due to my discursive history and cultural background, I believe that the positive words such as beautiful, sweet, lighter grey and homeswhilst having polysemous meanings, are valued and therefore privileged in our culture because you are considered acceptable in society if you possess beautiful and sweet characteristics, are able to live in a home and are a white person.

If you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email Send. All Materials are Cataloged Well. Moon states that this technique is a powerful instrument for producing narrative effects and it has powerful effects on our reading of a text Moon, p.

Being a Greek Australian I am lucky to have never directly suffered from racial discrimination myself. This text deals with issues of power which come with race and ethnicity and by dissecting this text with a class students will be able to recognise how closely power is linked to cultural identity.

Even while Johnny and his friends Wallaby and Billy commit crimes of theft, it is difficult not to forgive such acts as necessary for survival in a condition of such intensely marginalised oppression. And who remembers the wind? Notify me of new comments via email. Based on the discussion within class and the literary and cultural repertoires that I possess, for an indigenous person to be sent to jail for committing a crime, is considered a rite of passage ceremony or important eventbecause it is a sign of power, masculinity, and for most indigenous people provides stability through food, warmth and clothing.

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The fact that the story of the text is also primarily concerned with young people and their actions, and offers a closed resolution, would also appeal to senior school students. This persistent issue of racial inequality for Aboriginals surely constitutes a collective national shame and disgrace — which I find impossible not to bear a degree of guilt and responsibility for, simply through my own inactivity and suburban complacency.

Please provide input Please provide input. Would you like to get such a paper? My beliefs and philosophy supporting racial equality long ago forced my voice and actions towards denouncement of any such discrimination; these ideologies led me to take up the implied reading out of sympathy for the central character of Johnny. The police bully and harass him as he finds himself incriminated as an accessory to multiple crimes.

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Further discussion in class revealed that for many young Indigenous people, breaking the law is a way to get respect and credibility from peers. Different colors absorb different amount of light– the color black absorbs more light energy than the color green.

To explore options for subscribing to this unique teaching, research, and publishing resource for Australian culture and storytelling, please contact us or find out more. If, according to Moon45 figurative language is used to embellish ordinary language to make readers work harder to find meaning then I was struggling with this reading for good cause. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I was sympathetic to both the central character, Johnny, and to the issues of discrimination faced by all of the indigenous characters in this story.

It addresses serious issues and made me personally consider my own prejudices and perceptions of society.

In addition, I think that some excellent opportunities lie within analysing the use of figurative language, I would think something a bit creative like a response in poetry or song form could be good. All of the non-indigenous characters were read as being racist, completely disinterested or savage in their treatment of Johnny.


Indigenous values and beliefsRacial DiscriminationThe black and white community should be treated equally! Continueing on from my last blog post, the next text I will review is not a poem, but a short story.

Exploring Masculinity and Aboriginality. The malicious language used by the police further impacted upon my reading of sympathy and presented a whole range of cultural attitudes which the White Australians upheld. Although, a teacher must take into account that this text should only be studied with mature students due to the texts use of course language and violent themes. He finds peace and solitude whilst driving the car towards the ocean, which connotes a free and relaxing place.

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Stolen Car! | meatspoon

aechie The car empowers him, giddy with excitement. What I did bring was an ideology that believes in equality and respect for all human beings, and a sense of justice.

They also felt that the author was trying to gain sympathy for people of Aboriginal ethnicity, so that authorative forces would be increasingly lenient on cases of indigenous Australians committing wsller. Only the users having paid subscription get the unlimited number of samples immediately.

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