ARINC REPORT – Page 6 OMS DESCRIPTION OMS Architecture The OMS should consist of the following equipment:?. Buy ARINC DESIGN GUIDANCE FOR ONBOARD MAINTENANCE SYSTEM from SAI Global. Avionics maintenance practices continue to improve through On-Board Maintenance System (OMS) recording. This standard defines the OMS.

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To reduce or eliminate most ground support equipment, such as rigging adjust boxes and data bus readers. The basic protocols should be as mature as possible and should be unambiguously described in order to ensure that system works right the first time. The objective is to eliminate the need for unscheduled maintenance actions for system faults and to be able to defer corrective actions until scheduled maintenance periods.

Other data units include only the value s of parameter s in their value field. The following data identification are examples for consideration in OMD design. The OMS philosophy used in design and development should support acquisition of regulatory approval for its use as a maintenance tool.

Onboard Maintenance Systems for Modern Aviation

The ACMS could provide the needed information leading to an advanced notification of a potential malfunction, allowing the user to plan timely maintenance actions resulting in quick turn-around of the aircraft.

On aperiodic buses, the Aircraft Xrinc Set message will be used. As a design goal, the power-up test of a member system LRU should be sufficient as a return to service test.

Message identifier names must begin with an uppercase letter. If the test is no longer inhibited, the inhibit code should be set to zero. Non-member systems are those which typically have no automatic BITE. This means that it should be possible to adapt a protocol developed for one bus to other buses with little or no change in the upper layers. The GBSS should perform data entry and syntax checking, generating error messages where appropriate. The full provisions of an ACMS are described in section 8.


ARINC – Wikipedia

If parameter value information is not available, the member system should transmit a null value as defined by the following ASN. The amount of data on the bus should be minimized. The 6244 provisions needed of the OMD are described in section 7. Last 4 octets are ISO 5 characters indicating destinationAirport. Software anomalous behavior is believed to contribute to unjustified removals significantly. It monitors and records selected airplane data related to airplane maintenance, performance, troubleshooting, and trend monitoring.

One character is encoded 642 each octet as follows: This will have the effect of reducing time and logistics needs for airplane maintenance.

For example, a request via data link for detailed data on a specific fault arind be completed by the OMS with only one original request as input, and should not require interactive operations via the data link.

The data to be passed wrinc the aircraft to the ground should include failure data, failure history data, reports from the ACMS, and other appropriate aircraft maintenance status data. To reduce flow time and manpower required during manufacturing functional test.

Airline data may include: August 30, 8.

Fault isolation procedures Component access, location, identification, removal and installation procedures Test procedures Maintenance practices Servicing Tabular data associated with troubleshooting 7. However, the value field for all data units 62 encoded using universal types defined in section 6.

Too high a degree of complexity might result in a system which is not available for maintenance use during the introduction of a new fleet. Lynde Bradley Arthur A. The goal for the OMS must always be a cost effective combination of automatic BITE and manual procedures to ensure efficient maintenance of all airplane systems.

These algorithms could be sued to determine the occurrence of events which, in turn, could initiate further activity such as: This should be considered the default flight phase. If the destination address is any of the following, the wordstring should be further processed in accordance with section 6. An octet is equivalent to a byte. A detailed description of the various types of srinc tests that should be supported by the member systems can be found in section 3.


Some terminals may be assigned different addresses to account for different functions being supported by the terminal. The Series describes the form, fit, and function of avionics equipment installed predominately on transport category aircraft.

ARINC has installed computer data networks in police cars and railroad cars and also maintains the standards for line-replaceable units.

As an example, the details of service and interface specification for the case that the OMS application program is placed on the top of connection oriented transport layer protocol are described in attachment 2 section 2. BITE includes the fault detection and performance monitoring function of the operational rainc because these operational monitors are arnic primary source of fault data for the BITE maintenance function.

A MAT on the flight deck should provide a central station for maintenance activities, such as coordination with the flight crew or checks of displays and controls. An abbreviated list follows. When an Event command is received, each commanded member aronc should store software trace and other relevant pre-event data. Flight Leg Present leg Last leg Next pervious leg etc.

The specific requirements on ARINC buses are specified in attachment 2 section 1 and those on other buses, which are utilizing OSI services, are specified in attachments 2 section 2. Basic information should include: These are sometimes essential troubleshooting aides when diagnosing wiring or other unusual problems. Particular care should be taken when storing faults during the power-on phase. The generalized formats, including the OMS identification aribc, are as follows: The format for the message should be as defined in section 6.