Buy ASME NQA Quality Assurance Requirements For Nuclear Facility Applications from SAI Global. ASME NQA-1– (Revision of ASME NQA-1–). Quality. Assurance. Requirements for. Nuclear Facility. Applications. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA (95 addenda) and editions. The requirements of these documents shall be complied with .

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These procedures shall include the responsibilities and authority of nqa- organizations whose functions affect the configuration of the facility including activities such as operations, design, maintenance, construction, licensing, and procurement. It provides a foot in the door to the industry; however, it does not relieve the buying organization from going through its vendor qualification process.

The Standard focuses on the achievement of results, emphasizes the role of the individual asje line management in the achievement of quality, and fosters the application of these requirements in a manner consistent with the relative importance of the item or activity.

The procedures shall also provide for evaluating technical adequacy through comparison of test results from alternative methods such as hand zsme, calculations using comparable proven programs, or empirical data and information from technical literature.

Measuring and test equipment and reference standards submitted for calibration shall be checked and the results recorded before any required adjustments or repairs are made. The extent of verification and the methods chosen are a function of adme complexity of the software, the degree of standardization, the similarity with previously proved software, and the importance to safety.

Users of a code or standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, is entirely their own responsibility.

Part II, Subpart 2. These activities shall be conducted in accordance with established work and inspection instructions, drawings, specifications, shipment instructions, or other pertinent documents or procedures specified for use in conducting the activity. If this edition or post edition or addenda is invoked by a procurement document or contract, only Parts I and II should be considered requirements as applicable, unless other specific Parts, Subparts, or Appendices of NQA-1 are specified.

Requirement 15 Control of Nonconforming Items.

NQA-1 Compliance for Nuclear Power Generation

Status shall be maintained through indicators, such as physical location and tags, markings, shop travelers, stamps, inspection records, or other suitable means. Special handling tools and equipment shall be inspected and tested in accordance with procedures at specified time intervals or prior to use. The need for, and level of detail in, written procedures or instructions shall be determined based upon complexity of the task, the significance of the item or activity, work environment, and worker proficiency and capability education, training, experience.


Calibration shall be against and traceable to certified equipment or reference standards having known valid relationships to nationally recognized standards, or to international standards known to be equivalent to and verified against corresponding nationally recognized standards.

Any person who has not performed inspection or testing activities in the qualified area for a period of 1 year shall be reevaluated.

Status indicators shall also provide for indicating the operating status of systems and components of the nuclear facility, such as by tagging valves and switches, to prevent inadvertent operation.

PD635 ASME NQA-1-2008/1A-2009 Quality Assurance

It also provides examples of methods for implementing the requirements of Parts I and II. Characteristics subject to inspection and inspection methods shall be specified. The Standard may be applied to any structure, system, component, or activity that is essential to the satisfactory performance of the facility.

Part II contains amplifying quality assurance requirements for certain specific work activities that occur at various stages of a nqa1. Send Us a Request!

Testing shall demonstrate adequacy of performance under conditions that simulate the most adverse design conditions. These sources were utilized in the development of the criteria in section of Requirement 7. These documents subsequently contributed to the development of the 10 CFR Part 21 related commercial grade item definitions.

These instructions, procedures, or drawings shall define the following, as applicable: Changes shall be approved by the same affected groups or organizations ase reviewed and approved the original design documents. The cleanness class or classes applicable to the item or specific parts of the item shall be established and specified in the applicable drawings, specifications, or other appropriate documents.

Requirement 17 Quality Assurance Records. The results of model test work shall be subject to error analysis, where applicable, prior to use in the final design. Measuring and test equipment shall be properly handled and stored to maintain asm.

NQA-1 Nuclear Program FAQ | NSL Analytical

Wipe tests shall be made prior to the application of any preservative film some type of protective film may be required in order to maintain a clean carbon or low-alloy steel surface at Class B level. Facilities used for dual storage are not required to satisfy the requirements of para. Design adequacy shall be verified by individuals other than nqz-1 who designed the item or computer program.


Identification and Control of Items. The plan s shall define the cleaning and inspection operations to be used, the system, the responsibilities of the parties concerned for each operation, and the measures to be employed to preserve the cleanness of cleaned surfaces.

Applicable Codes and Standards or design criteria controlling the qualification of NDE personnel shall be utilized to establish the applicable ASNT qualification requirement and edition or to specify an equivalent alternative requirement. Nonconformances to design requirements dispositioned use-as-is or repair shall be subject to design control measures commensurate with those applied to the original design.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The external interfaces between organizations and the internal interfaces between organizational units, and changes thereto, shall be documented. When the organization originally responsible for review and approval of the orginal 13 Asmf Acceptable verification methods include, but are not limited to, any one or a combination of the following: The item shall be flushed at the design velocity or other flow velocity if specified in the procedure until the screen shows no more than slight speckling as specified in the procedure in qualitative or quantitative terms, such as the number of particles per unit surface of the screen and no more than slight rust staining.

Required as-built as,e shall reflect the use-as-is or repair condition. Solution temperatures shall be maintained and controlled to ensure adequate cleaning and to prevent cleaning agent decomposition and possible damage to the item.

Design information transmitted across interfaces shall identify the 22008 of the design information or document provided, and identify incomplete items that require further evaluation, review, or approval. Alternate calculations shall use alternate methods to verify correctness of the original calculations or analyses.