Asus P5KR • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. ASUS ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS OR INACCURACIES THAT MAY APPEAR IN THIS MANUAL, INCLUDING THE. SATA cable(s) x 4 UltraDMA //66 cable(s) x 1. User manual x 1. Supported Operating System(s): Windows Vista Windows XP.

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After selecting this option, a confirmation appears.

Delete Raid Disk Drive Front panel connector pin AAFP Because PC Probe II is software-based, you can start monitoring your computer the moment you turn it on. It includes description of the asuss, jumpers, and connectors on the motherboard.

A selected HDD shows a sign before it. Enable this feature for minimum power consumption and a more quiet system operation. The Drivers menu appears. The actual BIOS screen displays may not be same as shown.

Powering Up This chapter describes the power up sequence, the vocal POST messages, and ways of shutting down the system. For RAID 10, use at least four hard disk drives. The asue settings window displays the status of connected devices. The edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image mznual. Refer to the documentation in the boxed or stand-alone CPU fan package for detailed information on CPU fan installation.


Software support Solving a Mirror conflict A Mirror conflict occurs when both disks in a RAID 1 Mirror configuration are unplugged from the system in turn, then plugged in again. Preferences You can customize the application using the Preference section in the main window.

Asus P5KR Manual

This item appears only when you enable the USB 2. Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. Serial port connector pin COM1 Page Are you sure you want to create this volume? How this guide is organized This guide contains the following parts: You can now move or reposition the panel independently. Memory Remap Feature [Enabled] Allows you to enabled or disable the remapping of the overlapped PCI memory p5kf the total physical memory.

The speaker allows you to hear system beeps and warnings. Shut down and reboot the system so the BIOS can automatically reset parameter settings to default values.

Don’t have an account? Page Other feature buttons Click pp5kr right corner of the main window to open the monitor window. At the DOS prompt, type the command line: This prevents incorrect insertion when you connect the IDE cable. Click the drop-down menu to select the channel configuration. Boot Settings Configuration More System panel connector Chassis intrusion connector Front panel audio connector.

P5K Manual | Motherboards | ASUS USA

This ASUS Non-delay Overclocking System feature intelligently determines the system load and automatically boosts the performance for the most demanding tasks. Failure to do so can cause you physical injury and damage motherboard components.


Rebuild Mirror Drive Click Yes on the p5r screen. When the system hangs due to overclocking, C. Select [Ignored] if you do not wish to display the detected temperatures. Rotate each fastener clockwise to ensure correct orientation when reinstalling. Asus Update Utility Refer to the illustrations below. Not Installed Save to Profile Page Chapter summary Installing an operating system Asus Ai Suite 5.

Jmicron jmb363, P5kr digital audio connector, Spdif_out – Asus P5KR User Manual

Hardware information Before you proceed This utility also allows you to copy the current BIOS file that you mahual use as backup when the BIOS fails or gets corrupted during the updating process. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Click a hard disk drive to display the information on the right panel.

Take caution when changing the settings of the Advanced menu items. The system then runs the power-on self tests or POST. Follow the instructions in Chapter 4.