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All items in category Project Articles. November 27, by Kirk Elliott. InKirk Elliott shared his take on the design, transforming the audioxpess Champ into a quieter, safer, and more reliable studio amplifier.

This article was originally published in Glass Audio Volume 4, Number 2, November 16, by Jack Walton. An ideal project for the DIY enthusiasts.

Audio Express AudioXpress Magazine October Hobby Audio Technology | eBay

The Audio Voice Newsletter. November 11, by Michael Rothacher. He wanted a versatile preamplifier that would work well in a variety of situations, and which could fit conveniently in a suitcase.


This article was originally published in audioXpress, April October 21, by Bruce W. Bruce Brown explains his successful method of rebuilding a vintage W-7 tube amplifier from Heathkit.

This article audioxprfss originally published in audioXpress, May October 12, by George Ntanavaras. Here is a simple portable device from George Ntanavaras that can help answer the question about peak voltage and peak current requirements and whether or not your power amplifier is capable of driving your loudspeaker without clipping.

October 7, by Erno Borbely. Erno Borbely shares with us his all-FET audio amplifier design. This article was published in audioXpress, May September 2, by Tadaatsu Atarashi.

This article first appeared in the Japanese magazine Radio Technology, December It was published by audioXpress in March August 20, by Jenoe Keceli. When we connect audio components, interference may occur from various power and signal grounds.

Differences in Amp Sound: How Do We Find the Truth?

This circuit enables the full galvanic isolation of sound frequency signals with optical transmission in excellent quality, eliminating interference. This article was originally published in audioXpress October July 15, by Joseph Norwood Still. A great tube-based amplifier for phono and line sources, featuring a very subtle bass enhancement control using negative feedback to enhance only selected frequencies, below Hz.


As the author described, a great project for discriminating audiophiles. June 24, by Bjorn Johannesen. This article was published in audioXpress, March and the results were simply spectacular, generating worldwide interest.