In this profound memoir, reformed skinhead Meeink, with assistance from Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story. The author relates his own story of being born into a family of drug addicted parents and abuse. Rootless and without parental oversight or care. Frank Meeink’s life story involves a lot of luck — both good and bad. For many who crossed his path when he was a racist, ruthlessly violent.

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The mall itself was no big deal; the tangle of trees and brush behind it was the problem. It was ridiculous, illogical, and appalling. No, I think he would feel all of those things would be a cop-out.

Hawthorne Books

But you gotta remember, too: I was a Catholic mulatto, a half-Mick-half-Dago reovering had never felt more than half-accepted anywhere in South Philly, especially not in my own home. That sentence kept me reading and I am better for auttobiography. With the guidance of his co-author, Dr. But this is a true story. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with those folks, and they don’t make ticky-tappy typing noises when you speak to them.


Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead, 2nd edition | Frank Meeink | Hawthorne Books

But somehow we refrained. I will always keep this book, even if I never read it cover to cover again, as a reminder of what can happen.

Meeink says the ov change in the skinhead movement since he left is how easily members can spread their message and communicate with one another.

Maybe I need to start looking at things. This will subscribe you to all of our newsletters, announcements, and promotional content. May 04, Scott rated it liked it Shelves: Foreword Reviews only recommends books that we love.

I felt OK on the outside, but I felt so evil inside. Any ideology that sustains an “us” versus “them” mentality needs to be carefully considered and studied.

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I expect that being an itinerant furniture mover and part-time drug dealer doesn’t come with insurance benefits. Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars. I glanced down at the kid on the cold tile recoveding. Especially on the days I was the one they were wailing on.

The last few chapters were tough to get through. I guess this kind of book is more about the good it will do, right? Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

A ‘Recovering Skinhead’ On Leaving Hatred Behind : NPR

We both had known then that I wasn’t going to go get help, because we both knew I couldn’t. He didn’t know what John had really been doing to me.


And I got the connection with the Nazis, even if I still didn’t know what “neo” was all about. I didn’t expect much of a response from my dad, maybe not even any response at all. Apr 10, Meghan rated it really liked it Shelves: It takes ten MILLION freakin’ times more guts to admit how many relapses you had during these times, how you struggled in and out, recoveirng yourself you wanted to change only to fall right back into your old ways.

Most whites are too fucking blind to realize they’re helping set up their own genocide. His innate street smarts and his role as a neo-Nazi leader outside prison walls ensured he survived and, in many ways, flourished during his time in prison. Elizabeth Wurtzel Author of Prozac Nation.