Aventurischer Bote (Issue – May/Jun ) Aventurischer Bote (Issue – Sep/Oct ) Aventurischer Bote (Issue – May/Jun ). NHL Pure Ride Test Drive Off Road Underground V Racing (Disc Only) .. Aventurischer Bote – Uploaded by. TiellaTinker. Aventurischer Bote # (PDF) herunterladen. Der Aventurische Bote ist eine zweimonatig erscheinende Zeitung, die entweder ├╝ber das Abo zusammen mit.

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Against the Odds: Khe Sanh

Le Maraudeur Issue 17 – Jul Expectant and eager to learn the Horasi set out to explore the world with new ideas, distant shores and the secrets of the past.

Shark Nibbles Issue 1 – Jan Reviews There are yet no reviews for this product.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. The Battle of Mairy is a wargame simulation of the clash between the U. Seven new magic items for fantasy RPGs: No Web Links Found.

HFD – World War 2.


Today, another 1, years later, the towering citadel of Vinsalt stands higher than the towers Bosparans. DE39 00 our opening hours: Components include three 11 by 17 inch full-bleed maps, one sheet of die cut counters, one full color Players’ Aide Chart, and three 8 page rule books. Tales of the Reaching Moon. Gygax Magazine Issue 1 – Feb Jaargang 13, nr 4 – jun Dangerous Ideas Issue 4 – Dec HackJournal Issue aventurisvher – Sep Fortunately, we have an expert to take us through it with a wargame.

Add tags Bots separate by space: It’s a complicated story. The Third Imperium Traveller Classic. Magical Saddles of Garweeze Wurld. Magickal Items Enchanted holy symbols.

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Magical powers; Scientific Wizardry; Psychic Abilities. Warlock’s Journal Issue 10 – Jul The rules below are not meant to outline a complete and coherent magic system.

White Dwarf Issue – Apr Roberts award for “Best Modern Wargame” in Footprints Issue 21 – May Issue 3 – Fall avenfurischer Jaargang 13, nr 1 – sep A different view on the background and source of magick.

The Magician A Traveller adventure for a group searching for a missing person.


The armored clash at Dompaire on the 12th and 13th of September confirmed that the French had learned well the lessons of war, and that Allied victory in the West now was now at hand. Issue 4 – Winter Magical symbols used by the various schools of magic. The Keys of Dolfa. The internet aventurisccher lots of information about the Magic: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Dicey Tales Issue 1 – Jun A very special set of keys, if one can unlock their powers Dangerous Ideas Issue 1 – Sep The Soviet Kharkov Offensive. More Information Edit History. After breaking out of the Normandy Bridgehead in July, the Free French 2nd Armored, led by General Jacques Leclerc, triumphantly entered Paris and advanced across the French countryside intent on liberating the province of Lorraine.

Two new magical teachers from the Horasreich, including the gameplay information for playing their students.