Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship. Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven. And when the Coven decides. Buy a cheap copy of Bad Blood book by Mari Mancusi. The newest Blood Coven novel-accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny. Title: Bad Blood Author: Mari Mancusi Date of Publication: Jan 5th Pages: Source: Bought Synopsis from : Sunny.

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There was also no beef from Rayne like I thought there would have been. I love the setting, Vegas is always fun. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Other books in the series. Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven.

In the fourth book of Blood Coven, which was told from Sunny’s point of view, her vampire boyfriend, Magnus, has finally assigned to a blood mate, something she’s very afraid of. Sunshine was so mad to hear that she was ready to go up to her bllod punch her. Sunny has issues beyond jealousy though that is what Magnus assumes is eating at her. Sunny goes to the hospital to see Jayden. Reviewed on Lili Lost in a Book These blold She used her fake idea to gamble the nights away, and she is definitely more the emotional, in your face character.

Sunny runs after him and tells bloood it was a mistake and that she’s ‘sorry. She even had the smame kind of name.

Bad Blood – Mari Mancusi – Google Books

Dec 20, Jenn rated it really liked it. Before moving on to my thoughts, I want to say that I have NOT read the previous Blood Coven novels, and due nlood that, I probably missed some character development that happened in the previous novels. That twist sort of threw me off my game.


Please don’t hate me.

Sunny and Rayne always get themselves into trouble when marj are together and I love it! But doesn’t Magnus believe her? Sunny tried to warned Magnus thinking that sunny might be a little jealous. But he understands saying that he is not always around because he’s busy with coven work but say that he will make it up to her as long as he live.

Your review Headline characters remaining Review characters remaining. I’m just setting the record that if they are I will stake Magnus and I will brutally murder bllod cold blood her. Rayne comes to her senses, after spending the entire story being a gambling addict, and “slays” Jane. For some reason Bad Blood was a real quick read I have never been in Las Vegas so reading was fun for me.

They have such a strong bond with one another and even though they fight, they still come through for each other in the end. Something is not right so when the Coven heads to Vegas for the blood mate convention, Sunny and her vampiric-slayer twin sister Rayne secretly go with them to prove Jayne is a fake before the binding exchange of vows occurs. Just kidding they were talking so seriously and the fact that she was trying to find out more. Meanwhile during the day Jayden and Sunny got to know each other and become close.

I wasn’t too fond when I read Rayne coming in the scene. Sunny, as those of you who follow this series know, is the girlfriend of Magnus, Master vampire of the Blood Coven. McDonald’s child,sunshine and rayne’s step sister,sister of stormy,decended from fairies so is afairie herself, Stormy: Rayne becomes a gamblers anonymous best fried with the way she throws her money around, and basically turns her back on her sister.

Blood Coven Vampire Series

The ending was a little over dramatic, and a bit too easily won by the good guys. Ok halfway through anyways. How can this be happening. Rayne, after a sequence of events in previous books is now a half vampire, half vampire slayer. Lists with This Book. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


Even Rayne was shocked to silence which for her, is really unusual. They hav Jane,who is to Magnus blood mate is not who she say she is.

Ich hoffe einfach, dass die Autorin nicht noch mehr Fantasy Elemente in dieser Reihe einsetzt, da es sonst zu viele werden. I mean I would like to become Magnus’s bloodmate but I want to be able to go out in the sun and I want to be able to finish high school ya know? And then he’s like ‘Oh no, will you ever forgive me?

Magnus and Sunny are perf. Oct 27, Paula Phillips rated it it was amazing. She uses just the right amount of sarcasm, and teenager-ness, but she makes sure that she uses maturity in her writing too, just to make sure that Sunny doesn’t come across as just some silly, shallow teenager.

Book Review: Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

Sure, it may just be jealousy at first but when she begins to question Jane, she discovers that Jane may not abd the person that she claims to be. Diese Geschichte ist aus der Sicht von Sunny geschrieben.

I can’t say to much about bloood book since I know some of you haven’t read it, I do recommend it though. Simon and Schuster Date of Publication: They would never happen, yet they’re written as if they could have happened.

Die beiden haben eine kleine Krise in ihrer Beziehung. Berkley Trade Publishing date: Who has a boyfriend but wants to become a vampire and get a bloodmate?