In the vein of Mark Kurlansky’s bestselling Salt and Cod, a gripping chronicle of the myth, mystery, and uncertain fate of the world’s most popular fruit. Hudson Street Press, Paperback. Very Good / No Jacket. Item # ISBN: Paperback, very good, no jacket. Dan Koeppel, the author of Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World , says the international banana industry only has itself to.

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A gripping biological detective story that uncovers the myth, mystery, and endangered fate of the world’s most humble fruit To most people, a banana is a banana: View all 54 comments.

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World

It’s a little short on solid reporting, but if what you want is something interesting and thought-provoking but not too much, of coursethis is a good choice. Now I know that weaving back and forth between several narrative threads is de rigueur these days, but Koeppel goes to extremes. Apr 29, John rated it liked it. If you are as interested in bananas as I am, peel the book open, if you are not, this book will make you go bananas.

Contents And God Created the Banana. This book covers the history — and future!

American columnists American non-fiction writers births Living people Mountain biking journalists. There are three pieces to the banana I don’t care THAT much about bananas.


If you want something with some real meat and substance, though, pick up the Kurlansky titles on Salt or Cod. United Fruits Chiquita and Standard Korppel Dole were ruthless robber barons that made the era of r Bananas have been coming up in my life a lot lately – I’ve decided they’re the wonder food for biking.

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World by Dan Koeppel

Business World History Category: I decided that choosing a micro-history was unavoidable. Stop clogging up my shelf. I found about half of this book to be incredibly interesting. Entertaining history of the banana’s checkered past. It gave the story of corporate imperialism where countries and governments were conquered. The narrowness of focus in books such as Salt kopepel Cod and The Book on the Bookshelf and The Pencil and Longitude seems to be an increasingly preevalent trend in publishing.

Mountain Bike Hall dn Fame. Some grit and adversity is required to generate conversation.

Turns out the banaba was written when stores truly had no bananas to sell due to Panama Bahana, a blight in Central America that bamana wiped out the fruit!

What does this all mean for the future of human cloning? Scientists have been working arduously for over 20 years. But please, go on! He has written columns for The New York Times Magazine and Popular Scienceas well as having written extensively in a variety of mountain biking periodicals. This relevance is not a necessarily a negative aspect of the book as it was written for readers at the time, but reading about ideas new to people in such as organic foods or GMOs might bore a reader from who already knows a lot on the subject.


A seedless fruit with a unique reproductive system, every banana is a genetic duplicate of the next, and therefore susceptible to the same blights.

Then, of course, once the stuff gets above ground, things get really grim, what with nuclear weapons and all. I generally manage to avoid this feeling by choosing my reading material wisely, but this one managed to slip through somehow.

Dan Koeppel

Do I need that image in my mind as I slog through the details of gene splicing? Stay in Touch Sign up. A cousin to this genre is the micro-history on man-made constructs and other non-commodities including, but not limited to, home banans, cleanlinesscolorreadingmarriagewives but, interestingly, not husbandscancerrabiessexzeroinfinityratsswearingcorpsesand many more. United Fruits Chiquita and Standard Fruits Dole were ruthless robber barons that made the era of robber barons proud.