THE THOUGHTFUL INVESTOR BASANT MAHESHWARI [BASANT MAHESHWARI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 3 results for Books: “Basant Maheshwari” by Basant Maheshwari and Ramesh Purohit THE THOUGHTFUL INVESTOR BASANT MAHESHWARI. Basant Maheswari’s – The Thoughtful Investor When they can delivery then why to bother to go somewhere. Order and get the book at your doorstep. Manavv.

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But i really loved reading this due to couple of reason: Maheshwari stands out amongst the current Indian literature available on investing and is a definitive work that covers all aspects of equity investments in the Indian market. The author is very open in admitting mistakes, exposing his own stupidity… when I read him, I got a solace that I am not the only stupid investor on NSE.

I think you could learn much more through moneycontrol.

Will addup equitas Shortly. Must read for investors and analysts! Enter your email address: On the one hand, the concern is that the gains, if not booked, could evaporate into thin air in a market downturn. Have one long position in futures for DHFL.

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Siddharth Chamaria rated it really liked it Dec 09, The initial chapters are good for beginners but after that a beginner might just get lost since he might not understand some terms. By Dec 15, by portfolio was running at 6X in 3 years.

Sep 18, Gautam Subramanian rated it liked it. Excellent book for Indian investors on investing. The author has been bold enough to use his own quotes, rather than borrowing cliches from somewhere else- and quotes are really funny. Lets see how it goes. I thought about this for quite some time and adapted it. Besides this, I found that maybe not intentionally the author does basang discuss the downside risk for HFCs.


Refresh and try again.

It is certain that if we follow the same strategy, we can also rake in hefty gains for our own portfolios. DrRahul Patil rated it really liked it Sep 18, Ive had so many multibaggers including a mega 10x plus in Jaheshwari Finance. Lists with This Book. In addition this book provides a really good sense of how business works and how to pick winning stocks for your portfolio.

Hi I have grown my portfolio 6 times in last 3 years. But somehow he forgets to mention that he entered them post when mahrshwari cycle for cheap credit started and emerging economies have been flush with cheap money ever since. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Thoughtful Investor- Basant Maheshwari – Books & Tutorials – ValuePickr Forum

Sep 16, Sai Krishna rated it really liked it. The third reason is playing for a tailwind- and at any point of time we have expectation of more than a few tailwinds. Kartik Jain rated it it was amazing Nov 22, If the growth stalls and thoughtfkl dividend payout is slashed, there is nowhere for investors to hide.

As many might know that the author has investments in a few of the HFCs which have done very well. Thoubhtful good ‘on the ground’ perspective on Indian public markets and how you can make fhoughtful from them. They sort of appear in the book time and again.

Venkatesh rated it it was amazing Sep 12, Pharma is tageed as underperformer however I feel this will be winner in years which will give multifold returns due to large scale of opportunities lies ahead. Pratik rated it it was amazing Jul 29, This particular title by Mr.


Why Basant Maheshwari’s Book “The Thoughtful Investor” Is A Must-Have For Your Library

Being an Indian author, the topics include references to Indian markets which i could very well relate to. A recommended read for every aspiring investor in Indian equities. The price is a tad bit steep Excellent book.

In the long run, debt s far better than equity dilution.

Varesh rated it really liked it Jun 30, Himanshu Mahajan rated it it was amazing May 13, The booked distills the authors experience in equity investing and brings it straight to our table.

Saying is to invest in good balance sheet however I made most of my money from power stocks madhucon, bought at 10 rupees distress valuation, Gayatri project, 20 rupees sold Worst book I have read recently. If you are feeling upset over the fact that you sold off your multibagger stock too early, you can take solace from the fact that even a super-savvy investor like Prof Sanjay Bakshi has fallen victim to the premature sale syndrome and lost out on incredible 33x gains.

I learnt the following from Mr. Although the price is little steep but believe me it is worth every rupee.