Bergenia ligulata is a perennial herb with short, thick, fleshy and procumbent stems and very stout root stock. Leaves are ovate or round and cm long. Bergenia ligulata wall whole plant is used for kidney and bladder stones, urinary problems. (8,9,) It has been reported to exhibit various pharmacological. Pashanabheda- Bergenia ligulata (Wall.) Engl. is a small plant used in the treatment of renal calculi, retention of urine, wounds, diseases of the.

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In a modified animal model male wistar rats of urolithiasis which developed by addition of 0. Medicine from the plant is the alternative and last source for new drug and it remains the last choice to the physician for better relief. Polarity based fractionation of prepared aqueous suspension was done using equal proportions of hexane, toluene, DCM, and -butanol thrice each.

Parameters like calcium, urea, creatinine, oxalate, and uric acid in urine and serum were remarkably increased in urolithiasis control group.

The percentage of aggregation inhibition was then calculated by comparing the turbidity in the presence of the extract with that obtained in the control using above formula [ 13 ]. To prevent the recurrence of stone disease, a possible therapeutic strategy may be the interference with crystal growth and aggregation. Effect of indigenous drugs on idiopathic hyperoxaluria in stone formers.

Free radical scavenging activity Methanolic extract of B. These plants and their products are also reported to be effective in the treatment as well as prevention of recurrence of renal calculi with minimal or no side effects [ 8 ]. In comparative study, the aqueous extracts of B. The analgesic activity was evaluated by using hydroalcoholic extract of rhizomes of B.


Cortex consists of a narrow zone of parenchymatous cells containing a number of simple starch grains whereas most of cortical cells contain large rosette crystals of calcium oxalate CaC 2 O 4 and starch grains.

At the beginning of experiment some small size crystals were formed and further no increment in size and number of the crystals was bergenka in DCM fraction and mother extract treated experiment Figure 4.

Pharmacognostic finger print profile of a controversial drug Paashanabheda. Article Information Sr No: That is to say, ethylene glycol increased the deposition of calcium and oxalate contents in renal tissue and that was significantly reduced by administration of mother extract and DCM fraction alone. Thirty two healthy volunteers and forty eight stone formers were selected for present study.

Among these markers, tannic acid was found as the most abundant marker in best bioactive DCM fraction.

Other activities Alcoholic extract of B. Deionized water was used for the extraction of plant materials through maceration. In Nepal, about 10 berbenia of rhizome paste or juice of B. Dosage Forms berfenia Safety Profile B. Acute toxicity studies were carried out for alcoholic extract of B. It is further mentioned that its hot water extract has been applied externally for boils and also used topically for the treatment of ophthalmia 8, Bergenin and the internal standard IS thiamphenicol in plasma were extracted with ethyl acetate and separated on a C 18 reversed-phase column.

It covers the ligulqta collected from scientific journals, begenia, theses and reports via a library and electronic search Google Scholar, Web of Science and ScienceDirect and literature available from towhich will guide in proper identification and authentication of B. Cardiotoxic, antidiuretic and CNS depressant action of B. But a little amyloid deposition in red pulp and around white pulp was observed in both urolithiasis and drug treated groups but it was lesser in extract treated rat as compared to urolithiasis rat.


A Dictionary of Medicinal Plants. It also contains sterols viz.

Article Information

In-vitro studies on antilithiatic activity of seeds of Dolichos biflorus Linn. To view references and further reading you must.

However, hepatoprotective mechanism is still unclear. Cork is followed by single layered cambium and two to three layers of secondary cortex. A survey of medicinal plants of Jajarkot district, Nepal. DCM fraction was selected as the best fraction and it was further deployed for ex vivo analysis.

bergenia ligulata root,

View at Google Scholar D. The addition of sodium oxalate solution on calcium chloride solution resulted in the formation of calcium oxalate crystals. In summary, the best bioactive fraction DCM fraction of mother extract of B. Diuretic activity of B. Mitra has filed a patent of a novel herbal composition for maintaining or caring the skin around the eyes comprising extracts of B.

Bergenia ligulata – Wikipedia

Not Less Than The alcoholic extract of B. Simultaneous quantification of bergenin, catechin and gallic acid from Bergenia ciliata and Bergenia ligulata by using thin-layer chromatography. This ex vivo protocol can be used for analysis of the antiurolithiasis potential of B. Lee and Martin have also filed patents of cosmetic composition comprising B.

About nine different plants species are known with the single name i. Simultaneous determination of bergenin and gallic acid in Bergenia ligulata wall by high-performance thin-layer chromatography.