Humans in the Birthright setting can come from 5 different cultures, thus adding a bit more Birthright was an aD&D campaign setting. And most importantly it expanded D&D tabletop gameplay in ways that Looking back, Birthright had the potential of taking off from where the. “TSR has never before created an AD&D world quite like that of BIRTHRIGHT. Here you can be a king, noble, prelate, guildmaster, great wizard, or royal herald.

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Those who serve evil gods or champion wicked causes are known more commonly as black knights. This leads to early-game regents gaining levels somewhat quickly, but ruling small domains soon becomes a meager endeavor unless the regent greatly expands their territory and gains vassals. You begin play with three devoted bodyguards who will zealously protect you.

A unit birthriight mercenaries that goes unpaid and does not receive the requisite RP will become brigands in that province. Only twelve tighmaevril weapons are said to exist, though their exact nature, qualities, and current owners are largely unknown. A province can raise a number of military units equal to its level in a single season. You do not require a burthright or material components to cast this spell. You may use the augury spell once per day as a ritual. Both priest and wizard characters are able to utilize their holdings temples and sources, respectively to cast realm spells.

Some of them are more than two thousand years old. Its origins are unknown, as its speakers do not tend toward linguistic study.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition –

Using this domain action, the regent orders any number of loyal troops to another location within their own domain. A standard Castle has the benefit of completely halting the advance of enemy troops through your provinces.

Birthright didn’t fit with Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Mystara or Forgotten Realms campaigns that survived editions. Those who rule such organizations are called regents. I’ve never suffered from being overwhelmed by an established storyline, as I go into reading the material looking for ways to improve the birthhright and meta-plots from the get go.

Choosing to adventure uses up a domain action for the round. But if you are the blooded individual, you may take heart that only the rarest metal in the world, bloodsilver, can sever the ties to your domain and heirs.


To invest provinces and holdings, the asset in question must either be willingly given to the investing regent; otherwise, it must be conquered or contested by that regent, and there must not be an enemy Castle present that is not neutralized. This function is more properly explained in its listing under Domain Actions.

Garrisoned units cost half of their maintenance each season, but are slow to bring back to muster in an emergency. The call to adventure affects even an established regent from time to time. As above, and beginning at 5th level you may use either the bitrhright pattern or fear spell but not both in one day once per day. Higgipedia December 10, at 9: When only players are involved and they are not in conflict for whatever reasonthey may take their domain actions in any order they choose before moving to the next domain action round but birthrighr players must take their domain action before moving to the next round.

Tresca, Birthright was inspired by Tolkien’s Middle-earth setting, as a “universe profoundly influenced by bloodline, nation building, and war”. The power of the gods was not wasted, however. The regent can also use this action to dismantle any holdings or assets that birthritht no longer wish to maintain.

Birthright (campaign setting) – Wikipedia

Happy holidays Last Post By nickgreyden 3 comments Birtthright speak the language of the elementals you are affiliated with. Success on the domain action check creates a holding of the desired type at level 0. This ability score, like the others, ranges from 1 to 20 birthdight player characters, with higher numbers representing a stronger and more pure lineage.

The barbarian class is personified by Vos marauders, but is also represented in Rjurik and orog berserkers.

The scope was pretty epic and I’m a sucker for epic. This is an intelligent setting.

BIRTHRIGHT Campaign Setting

In short, there was nothing truly new except the Domain system and in the end it came across rather bland. Players who own guild and temple holdings also gain income from them in the form of taxes and tithes, regardless of where they are located. Successful brthright against inanimate objects including constructs and unattended objects such as walls double the damage dice inflicted.


Fine wines, imported cuisine, mummers and bards — you have it all, and the pomp is sure to impress the dignitaries. For example, our young regent, Erin Velescarpe, is attempting to enact a Decree to assuage an influential birhhright who raised concerns about the impiety of the locals. Most of humanity emigrated from the shadowy continent of Aduria long ago, and thus shares some linguistic similarities — even among Rjuven and Vos, birthriight developed their own written forms.


If they are opposed, your base success DC increases by the level of the highest Law holding they possess in that province. Why it has succeeded? The other worlds were already a few years into publication with established product names and player bases.

As with all rituals, these spells take 10 minutes longer to cast and you must have your spellbook with you throughout the casting.

This book further explores the investiture ceremony — the mysterious transfer of blood power from ruler to heir. Investiture is also used to formalize vassalage.

Furthermore, some units have requirements of the regent being a specific race or having certain levels of holdings in the province where the units are mustered.

Though only the chief deity of the dwarf and goblin pantheon is listed below, each race has a diverse collection of gods and goddesses to which they give homage — though the goblins shed and collect gods frequently due to their fickle and hateful nature.

The other gods were only able to defeat Azrai by sacrificing themselves. Unlike other domain virthright, the domain action check is made not to see if the action succeeds, but whether anyone is potentially angered by the Grant especially in the case of giving out wealth.

With respect to seasons, however, the readied action is maintained until the end of the season, and if the condition is not met, the action is lost.