BlazeDS 3 Installation Guide. Contents. BlazeDS runs in a J2EE web application and is available in ZIP files for the following configurations: BlazeDS with. 07/06 – Published the new version of guide. This book contains developer friendly information about the BlazeDS the OpenSource DataService package. BlazeDS Plugin – Reference Documentation The BlazeDS plugin makes it easier to build Grails-powered Rich Internet Applications . Manual configuration .

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In a Spring BlazeDS server, three types of message service components can interact with the Flex message service. The Remoting Service allows your Flex application to directly invoke methods of Java objects deployed in your application server. Therefore, multiple server-side messaging alternatives easily work with Flex messaging. Robust Connection Non-blocking channels allow for greater number of connections to be served provided they are not all active at the same time always. In the blazeds-server project, open messaging-config.

The BlazeDS endpoints are Servlet-based endpoints. In addition, you can choose to go with a text-based format that could be well structured like XML or delimited guidr comma-separated or tabdelimited text.

Inspired by Actual Events: Bare Bones BlazeDS HTTPService Example

Among others, the BlazeDS proxy capabilities have three important use cases including:. BlazeDS has a set of endpoints where a Flex application channel sends requests up to BlazeDS that resides within a Servlet container or an application server.

A polling channel can be configured with a polling interval, or glazeds can be set up to wait for data at the server-side if data is not immediately available this approach is generally referred to as long polling. Product; private function update: Sometimes, you may want to work with strongly typed objects. Update products Modify the blaeds.


Being open source, BlazeDS is freely available and can be downloaded from http: The JPA and Hibernate proxies are replaced with the data that they stand in place guice. Off the shelf, the Flex framework includes three methods of pull-based communication and data interchange with external data sources: Installing BlazeDS is as simple or as complex as deploying a web application in a Java servlet container.

Getting started with BlazeDS

Responses from BlazeDS follow huide route back up from the endpoint to the channel. To create a remoting destination for the ProductDAO class: Invocation of remote Java methods from a Flex application.

The messaging service in Flex itself is agnostic to the messaging protocol used on the server side. In your real-life development or production environment, you would typically integrate BlazeDS in your own web application on your own application server. In order to zip the data transferred from the server to the client, a filter can be created to manipulate and compress the outgoing response.

Getting started with BlazeDS | Adobe Developer Connection

Blwzeds is capable of serializing and transforming Java-based objects to their AS3 counterparts so that may make you wonder why wiring up JPA and Hibernate entities and their collections needs any special handling. For example a service class configured as a Spring Bean as follows: Learn about Adobe’s tool for coupling together Flash platform-based interfaces with robust Java enterprise servers.

It’s not scalable though, as it blocks connections. Set of services that can gulde managed using JMX agents. In addition to the endpoints, BlazeDS includes adapters that provide the critical compatibility between the core BlazeDS Servlet that talks to Flex and a server-side resource such as a JMS resource, a persistent data store, or an Object-Relational mapping layer.


This means you must have a way that all requests coming from the Flex client and intended guie be handled by the BlazeDS instance are routed by the DispatcherServlet to the MessageBroker. Number; public var qty: In this example, messages are published by Flex clients. HTTP request-response Web services Remote procedure calls involving objects A possible demoting configuration could be as follows: To start the sample database: Install Eclipse and the Flex Builder 3 plug-in Note: The channel issues polls to the server to fetch data but if no data is available it waits until data arrives for the client or the configured server wait interval elapses.

Getting Started with BlazeDS

This is exactly what the Spring BlazeDS project implements. ArrayCollection; [Bindable] private var products: If the accessed data is not changing during the course of its reuse it always makes lbazeds to cache it. In the blazeds-server project, open remoting-config. Using BlazeDS’s demoting you are enabled with automatic translation between the Java and ActionScript3 AS3 data types, marshaling, un-marshalling, serialization and deserialization across the endpoints and channels.

This Refcard provides a quick overview of BlazeDS.

To install the Flex Builder 3 plug-in: Endpoints reside blazede the BlazeDS end. Therefore, message producers connected to a clustered server instance can send messages to message consumers connected to a different server within the same cluster. Remoting-config, proxy-config and messaging-config contain configuration pertaining to remote procedure calls, proxy services and message services respectively.

The open source dsadapters project http: