Grisham demonstrated he could produce bestsellers without legal aid with The Painted House and Skipping Christmas, and he’. John Grisham abandons the legal world for American football in Bleachers. What a shame, says Harry Ritchie. Now, as Coach Rake’s “boys” sit in the bleachers waiting for the dimming field lights to signal his passing, they replay the old games, relive the.

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It had a weight room and jogn and a visitors’ dressing room with carpet and showers. Its not about what you do while playing, but rather what you do with the lessons you learn from the game. Fifty thousand bucks to an eighteen-year-old idiot is like winning the lottery.

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As the center on offense and the noseguard on defense, Silo Mooney owned the middle of jhn field he played on. He lost the only two women he ever loved.

This coach was extraordinary. You can read this book once but before you start reading, familiarize yourself with the football terms like ‘touchdown’ etc.

Bleachers (novel) – Wikipedia

It’s not unlike many small towns where the players never grow passed their glory days. It was interesting to hear his southern accent.

Twice he got ejected for kicking opposing linemen in the crotch. See 2 questions about Bleachers….

A whole new ball game

We played Tuesday nights and drew more fans than most high schools. The driver was a heavyset man with faded jeans, a denim cap, a thick beard, and a limp. Grisham has somehow hit the nail on the head with this short novel by emphasising the fleetingness of earthly glory and fame. She’s teaching school and as sweet as always.


Bo Michael on the public address, and the deafening sound of the bleachers rattling as the fans jumped up and down.

So if you have no idea about the game, you will find it annoying after a point. One less defensive lineman made Neely’s job much easier.

Bleachers by John Grisham

The road to Rake Field ran beside the school, past the old band hall and the tennis courts, through a tunnel of two perfect rows of red and yellow maples planted and paid for by the boosters, then over a small hill to a lower area covered grisnam enough asphalt for a thousand cars. The crowds were half that now, he’d heard.

My father would’ve called the NCAA.

They gather at the bleachers to reminisce. The second had been a cheap shot that landed in the face of Neely Crenshaw. He and his former teammates sit in the bleachers at the high school stadium waiting for Rake to die, drinking beer and reminiscing.

In a letter revealed at Rake’s funeral, the coach states the two regrets of his life were losing Scotty Reardon and for striking All-American quarterback Neely Crenshaw at halftime of the championship game against East Pike. What Somewhere out there is someone who heard that John Grisham was a great author, chose this as their first book of Grisham’s to read, and remains confused about the hype.


The Gingerbread Man Mickey How many times had he promised himself he would never do what he was now doing? Once he had four, one in each quarter. The former players gather in the bleachers at the school awaiting the death of the old coach as he succumbs to cancer.

It was Rake, an oversized Rake with wrinkles on the forehead and the familiar scowl around the eyes, yet just a hint of nohn smile. Some of it was about brutality and violence in football. Neely’s father had told him of the unspeakable gloom that engulfed the town in the days after that loss.

There are no barefoot hillbillies here. Maybe you have to be a man to get it because it left me cold. There was something different now, something Neely had not seen before. The next car into the parking lot stopped near Neely’s. Lots of rumors about money, but Jesse would never say. If this book was part of a series, I would continue to read it because its very interesting on how it is set up with everything happening very quickly.