Patrick Kelly’s (pages 6 – 49). Bob Boyce Catalytic H20 Sealed Series Cell Design. Cell Box with Toroid and controller. High-Voltage Series Cells. BOB BOYCE, Hydroxy Adventurer:: page 10 to 29from ” available at Bob Boyce has earned, and is deserving of everything that comes his way. Yes Bob the D9 document implies that you were able to produce.

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SO I ask the question, why would we want his approval? The warning about polarity.

If you proceed, then the paragraph following “Positioning the Electronics” sets up yet another level of failure. It will blow your mind http: The company who supplied me with the SS, said that sulfuric acid won’t hurt The PWM3G is given away to the public minus no schematic the Hex Controller is Bob’s baby and only given away to friends that he trusts.

There is lots of conflicting information here. When cleansing is finished typically 3 days of cleansingdo a final rinse with clean distilled water.

I have heard read many people propound on the ridiculous supposition that adding HHO to the combustion process of a gasoline engine is getting something for nothing. Bob also uses a jar to assist in applying beeswax to the accurately positioned turns of the toroidal transformer:.

You split it efficiently and combust it efficiently. I had modified the battery system to use marine deep cycle batteries, with a heavy solenoid to engage and disengage power to each unit. There are more than a couple of pages to go over, so I will simply address them in sequence and point out the disputed statements as they occur. That implies that after those 40 degrees of rotation, the ignited mixture was capable of producing a useful thrust on the piston crown.


The system can, and does on a very regular basis produce 6 to 8 LPM at Of these, option 1 is not attractive in that it requires a blocking capacitor to avoid the secondary of the transformer from placing an unnecessary heavy load on the battery. Use a damp sponge to keep the tip from oxidizing, wiping it before use.

Mainly for running stationary generators for cleaning burning power for cites. I am put off by the necessary reservoir of explosive gas and the problem of damage to the engine from the increased explosion in the combustion chamber.

I have seen copper mesh screens designed for welding gasses offered for use on plans I seen years later online for similar devices, but hydrogen has a much higher flame propagation speed so the copper mesh may not be reliable enough to risk using.

It is our opinion that in this set up there are many flaws in the cell design it self and the electronics set up.

Gary, Thank you for your support. It would also be interesting to see if it has the same effect on battery recharging as the John Bedini pulse-charging circuits, as it is distinctly possible that it has. The “phase-differential induced eddy d warned about are creatures of the imagination as far as solid versus stranded wire is concerned.

“Free Energy” scams discussed

Also read the Chris Patton interview on Bob B, a few years back on youtube. That does not sound at all likely, either. It is just possible that the statement in section noyce, “the bobb together the plates are placed, the greater the rate of gas production” is true. For the majority of systems, the secondary winding is a tightly wound, single layer, full-fill wrap of 16 gauge, single-core, silver-plated, teflon-insulated copper wire. No one yet to duplicate them, yet.


101 Plate Boyce Hydrogen Cell & Plates Kit

It must be magic, as nothing else could really explain it. I endeavored to find solutions to stabilize and further improve reaction efficiency. The material is complete gibberish, and asserts in one place that their method The Xogen Method uses “10 Hz to hz”. The next page does some flim-flam, explaining that the freqencies are not excat, and that much tuning booyce to be done to find the exact spot if it exists where any such system will start to operate more efficiently.

The man has just told you not to do it, and then goes on to explain how to do it. This article takes a look boycd one.

Bob Boyce Electrolyser :: Water as fuel

This could be done by grit blasting, but if that method is chosen, great care must be taken that the grit used does not contaminate the plates. This is the level of current which the primary windings have to carry, so the wire size can be selected from this measurement. Thanks to them i have to get into regular discussion about perpetual motion and how making hydrogen actually consumes energy.

The exact details of the primary windings must be determined from the operational characteristics of the cells. Mar 24, 21, 2, The KOH is only added upon startup As Yul Brown found out boyxe different properties of hydroxy gas!

The transformer design depends on the cell curent and cell voltage.