At the dawn of the Impergium, the Bone Gnawers were not a tribe, but a caste: the omega wolves, shamed, weak, castaways. The greatest in station gained the. A list of all Bone Gnawers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bone. Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers are the two tribes that dare call the scab like cities their homes. However unlike the Glass Walkers, the Bone.

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A lost-dog-spirit, a spirit servant of Rat, teaches this Gift. Rant and Rave allows a Gnawer to speak crazy talk that can only gnasers understood by packmates. The contra side is taken up by Victor Bonecrusher, a Gnawer Metis. Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend to Thy Illness is violated by the Gnawers respect and veneration for their weak elders and their mentally ill street prophets, Ellison argues.

Bone Gnawer | Werewolf the Apocalypse | Obsidian Portal

Tagalong can learn this gift, but the werewolf must still petition the totem each time he uses it. The result is a pasty, bland-tasting mush that is nevertheless edible and filling. Long after the other werewolves have been destroyed by the Apocalypse, the Bone Gnawers intend to be the last ones standing.

The Gift plays on the hatred and fear of the down-and-outs of the city: Stuff is in between Loot and Junk. Face in the Crowd allows a Gnawer to direct an already extant angry mob. This Gift is somewhere between a specialized version of hunting and the lupus Gift: His consciousness is spread through every individual trash pile, dumpster, and land fill in the world.

In the turn this Gift is used, the Garou burns gnawdrs Gnosis. The Glass Walker enjoyed the resources progress and the Weaver provided, but the Bone Gnawers were more wary. They were still warriors, treated as better than humans but not given the right to breed with the kinfolk for fear their weaknesses would be spread to the next generation.


We’ve obne been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have instant access to your previous versions. The Bone Gnawers make their homes in the city, but in the poorest areas.

Using this Gift costs one Willpower each turn.

Bone Gnawer

If a new werewolf shuns all society and gives in to the survival urge, he may be a good candidate for the Bone Gnawers. This penalizes hunting and Lupine Perception rolls, of course.

Kin can be found among any race or nationality in the world, but most such lost souls come from squalid, or at least struggling, backgrounds. It’s less allowing you to do ridiculous stunts via self harm and more draining your energy to perform certain tasks. I’ll grant that the interchapter art is alright, but everything else sucks. A Bone Gnawer with this Gift can create a perfectly functional shelter for herself.

The Ragabash of the tribe grew curious about her meal and investigated. Because gnawrs the Dream in its incarnate form gnawer so difficult, its followers treat everyone with respect. Mouse is a bit of a curiosity. An extra Gnosis point can add Stamina levels and remove wound penalties, but the duration is cut short. You thrive in the midst of riots, angry mobs, lynchings, civil disturbances or any other situation where a crowd of humans rebels, revolts, or resists authority.

Jackal was an ancient patron totem to the Bone Gnawers when they hailed from Northern Africa and he still offers his aid. Kinfolk can be a little more useful than Bobe, though, so you can create Kinfolk with a very special set of skills.

This Gift does not function in the wilderness, since the Bone Gnawers have lost the knack for conversing with such spirits easily. Once each game session, a Bone Gnawer with this Gift can tell an outrageous lie so well that ordinary humans accept it as truth. Befriending people gets Allies or Contacts, finding a Fetish gets you Fetish dots, and so on. He recommends keeping your distance.


Bone Gnawers – Twilight’s Failing

Any enemies listening should make willpower rolls when this power is activated. Something does not work as expected?

The Weaver is everywhere! Ellison accuses the rabble of sneaking into different septs without introducing themselves and helping themselves to valuable resources. The player must spend one Willpower point and roll Willpower difficulty 7 and gnaweers succeed for the transfer to take place. A supernatural creature can try to steal this information with a mind reading ability such as the vampire Discipline: They keep their ears low to the ground, so they can get all kinds of juicy information from a variety of street level sources.

A general rule for other supernaturals: Yes, come and tell me! The Bone Gnawer cannot lend a Gift of a higher rank than the recipient could know, nor can he lend Abilities or Attributes. Ragabash are clowns and criminals.

Fuck those guys, with their socialism and their gun control. Why do the Bone Gnawers recruit so many cubs?

Bone Gnawers

They make the democracy of the Gnawers possible with their mediation. Street prophets need to prove their ability before earning the respect of the tribe, as gnawegs as their ability to take care of themselves. When all the other tribes fail, the Bone Gnawers may be the only ones with hope. The emergence of the vampire eldership brought Newport’s Bone Gnawers and Warders of Men into cooperation for the very first time.

By spending one Gnosis, a Bone Gnawer can ward an area against intrusion. Dead End Rank 2 Bone Gnawers Gift Through a bit of graffiti and casual sabotage, the Garou can discourage anyone who wants to track him, follow him, or even take interest in his affairs.