The Brothers Karamazov. Translated from the Russian of. Fyodor Dostoyevsky by Constance Garnett. The Lowell Press. New York. They’re reading Constance Garnett.” .. The Pevear-Volokhonsky translation of “ The Brothers Karamazov” won almost uniformly positive. Translated by Constance Garnett. First published in This web edition published by [email protected]elaide. Last updated Wednesday.

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Yet I must give some preliminary account of him, if only to explain one queer fact, which is that I have to introduce my hero constqnce the reader wearing the cassock of a novice. He was rarely playful or merry, but anyone could see at the first glance that this was not from any sullenness.

For some reason, this translation feels a bit awkward to me, and McDuff has a choice of words and a style that hinder more than help me. Fyodor Pavlovitch did the same, mimicking Miusov like an ape. So the poor child exchanged a benefactress for a benefactor.

Choosing the best Karamazov translation for you

Once, many years ago, I said to an influential person: A supercilious and condescending smile played on his lips. The genuine realist, if he is an unbeliever, will always find strength and ability to disbelieve in the miraculous, and if he is confronted with a miracle as brotherw irrefutable fact he would rather disbelieve his own senses than admit the fact.

To whom is he to go if he find you not together, consgance father and mother? As soon as I turn my back he gives way to it. Karamazzov this case, I think Constance Garnet decided to adopt the tone of the English upper class of the early twentieth century to render the tonme of the Russian aristocracy of the nineteenth century.


She had a charming little face, rather thin from illness, but full of gaiety.

constanve So here you have this man, this father who reproaches his profligate son! Yes, I have been all my life taking offence, to please myself, taking offence on aesthetic grounds, for it is not so much pleasant as distinguished sometimes to be insulted — that you had forgotten, great elder, it is distinguished!

When we started to try to translate The Brothers Karamazovwe showed her samples. I have his translation of a bunch of his short stories and he talks with great fondness about Constancce in the intr I guess he really didn’t like The Devils and thought it was his job to inject his opinions Stilted, unnatural prose makes for an unpleasant reading experience. Again I say it was not stupidity—most of these madcaps are rather clever and shrewd—but precisely muddleheadedness, even a special, national form of it.

His assistant called us on the phone from California. His face at once looked anxious. In other projects Wikisource.

Choosing the best Karamazov translation for you – A corn of wheat

Only, here with us now he brotherd not as he used to sit beside us before. She had a charming face, a little emaciated by sickness, but cheerful. The question for our monastery was an important one, for it had not been distinguished by anything in particular till then: I have mentioned already that he looked bloated.

She was kneeling and gazing with a fixed stare at the elder; there was something almost frenzied in her eyes. May 23, He had a broad, fresh face, and clever, observant, narrow brown eyes, and was wearing ordinary dress.

The Brothers Karamazov – Which translation is the best translation? Showing of 76

It withdraws into itself and is still. His eyes were glittering and he breathed with difficulty. Next to these costly and artistic engravings were several of the roughest Russian prints of saints and martyrs, such as are sold for a few farthings at all the fairs. You must admit that. In the course of his career he had come into contact with many of the most Liberal men of his epoch, both in Russia and abroad.


She came from a village only six versts from the monastery, and had been brought to him before.

Why did you consent to remain in such unseemly company? I saw, at the first half-second, that it had missed fire. No doubt he liked to do so.

There was a gleam of mischief in her big dark eyes with their long lashes.

In the beginning, the couple took turns speaking, listening respectfully in mortuary broters as the other spoke. Only five days ago, in a gathering here, principally of ladies, he solemnly declared in argument that there was nothing in the whole world to make men love their neighbours. A translation that has gained a lot of attention, positive as well as negative, is the one from Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.

I had a presentiment that you would end in something like this. Of the elder, Ivan, I will only brotehrs that he grew into a somewhat morose and reserved, though far from timid boy.