Ravinder Singh is a bestselling author. His debut novel I Too Had a. Love Story has touched millions of heart. Can Love Happen Twice? is his second book. is very apt title for the book written by Ravinder Singh. Can love happen twice with the same person who once loved you and left you without. When Ravin first said I love you he meant it forever. The world has known this through Ravin s bestselling novel; I Too Had a Love Story. But did Ravin s story.

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A for this one, unfortunately, I did not find it as good as its predecessor, I too had a Love Story. Was quite disappointed after reading it. I found the soul missing in the book. It was difficult for me to believe that it had happened to him. But this book, alas!! By continuing to use this website, you twcie to their use.

May 26, Anand rated it really liked it. Overall it’s a-okay book to read because the author doesn’t match the expectations of readers this time. I could feel my grey cells dying as I made my way through these sections, but I persevered, “there must be a good story hidden somewhere in this book” I thought.

After a year and a half since Khushi’s death, Ravin moved to Can love happen twice is the second part of Ravinder Singh bestselling novel I too had a love story.


And then zipping it till, are you ready for this, his NECK!! Open Preview See a Problem? I find it difficult to believe that a book such as “Can Love Happen Twice” has an average rating of 3.

I still cannot fathom how writing whole sentences in Hindi help in an English novel. Filled with unnecessary promotion of his maiden novel and amateur english, this novel was, to say the truth, horrible to the core! Overall a boring book, This book is a time-pass read. This contains the use of words such as “luv” and “k”.

Can Love Happen Twice?

That’s what I rvinder doing for most of the time. I have two pasts. He once sees Simar in Belgium, developed feelings for her, she also fell in love with him, some Belgium romance, they decided to get married, he get back to India, then the priorities changes for Davinder, she becomes demanding, Ravin tries to manage but failed miserably and so on. I mean, his first book was a clusterfuck of grammatical errors and sob stories, and what do I do?

Guys just read it if you want to know what happened to Ravin but twcie do not keep your expectations very high with this book. So, as it happens, Ravin is trying to get to grips with the death of his fiancee, Khushi, when Slngh enters his life and rekindles the spark of love. If Simar had a change in heart in coming back to Ravin, it had to be written in a much more convincing way.


With the show going forward, they revealed where Ravin is actually now. Published December 15th by Metro Reads first published You feel that the girl in Ravin’s life is a pampered m I waited for such a long time to get to know what happened to Ravin.

I really tried to finish this but bad writing just turns me off.

The characters are underdeveloped, very shallow. The author tries to create suspense with the flashbacks and the protagnist’s friends telling his story, but it’s as flat as yesterday’s Pepsi. Mar 23, Archit Ojha rated it it was ok Shelves: How Ravinder the character started feeling for her, protective about her, like she is a baby to be taken care of.

can love happen twice

He is crazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats. Oh and the answer to the title? To see what your friends thought of this book, please ,ove up. But not Ravinder Singh.