The MTS design criteria was to build an all-tube guitar amp that Carvin has long known about the effects of miss-loading a guitar pickup which can. A few months ago, I purchased a used Carvin MTS from a friend . ive herd of this before unfortunately i blew my mts up last night. User review from MGR/dourdeeds about Carvin MTS Head: Carvin MTS- 50th Anniversary Model.

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Adventures in Amplifiers: Making the Carvin MTS suck less

Help FAQs Go to top. I really like mine. But, it’s not to say it’s bad either. This would likely result in having to modify quite a bit in the circuit what with the addition of dropping resistors of appropriate size and value, smoothing capacitors to clean up the rectified voltage further, as well as other components that might be necessary, this should not be gone into lightly. The second factor is what is the quality and specific character of the tube in V2.

It has a pretty respectable clean channel that takes effects well when they are thrown right into the input. Sep 10, 9. Channel one, the lead channel, is the high gain side of the amp with a volume and drive control. But the rock and roll tone isn’t too inspiring. This post really ms me a lot and I have learnt some new things from your blog. Anyone ever played it? Failure is just the first step in learning! R29 and R30 mmts heaters for two tubes ma per tube at 6. It is not a Fender clean by any stretch of the imagination, but ccarvin competent for most things.

LEDs are just diodes themselves so they affect the signal clipping in a similar fashion with different colors bringing about different responses. I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AT7 and all it did was make the reverb a little quieter, but just as harsh.


I am a crazy fool that has no problem poking around inside tube amplifiers. Dig through the archives on mfs channel – it’s worth the time! Makes me wonder if you’re getting rated voltage off the primaries and at other test points in the circuit Glad I waited–I learned how to play over the last thirty years to the extent varvin I can, and now, finally I will be able to enjoy the sound of the balls God gave me, not just being glad that I have a pair!

I’m not really sure why it’s so hip to mod these now–mine sounds fine to me. If you run it that way for any length, you can also pull the output tubes, which will simply run the preamp. Not much I can do, apart from play the damn amp and buy tubes a bit more often.

I am no stranger to a soldering iron and I am a physics teaching assistant so I understand the math, kind of I have some professors that are good to bounce this kind of stuff off of but this is my first foray into amplifier modification actually the second after I perform the bias mod on my II.

Matthew Meyers March 10, at 6: I’m crazy, but I will only play around with cold amps that have been properly discharged of voltage – I recommend you do the same.

Thoughts on the Carvin MTS 3200?

Anyway, I basically kept the diodes in because I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to mod it properly, and Carvni kinda dug the “metal tone” which works for me as a primarily metal player.

Because of this, they hold onto power for a long time. I just acquired one of these in a trade. Cranked it sounds pretty good to me. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

Basically that reduces the bass into the first carvib stage. Good to hear you got things worked out and to your liking. The JCM uses opamps for gain stages, where the Carvin just uses diodes to clip the signal between tube stages.


THat’s why I’m glad to hear you tried some different things since this is definitely a season to taste type of mod. Brad, you’re selling this pretty good but the title of the post implies a problem … For being a tube amp, the entire thing is pretty sterile.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. It’s never too late to learn! I’m the opposite mhs you though – I prefer amp distortion over any pedal, though using a TS to push an amp is usually good with me. Did you find this review helpful?

Thoughts on the Carvin MTS ? | The Gear Page

I used one for a few years. I don’t have a link off-hand, but Brian Wampler has a video on Youtube that goes through the concept when used in conjunction with distortion circuits – you might find it useful and informative.

I hear ya – At this point, it depends on how much you want to put into the amp in time and trouble.

I had been “out” of electric guitar playing for some years, and bought mine back in like something, and I really had lost all knowledge of amps, styles, prices Sep 10, 5. It has two speaker cabinet outputs with a 4, 8, or 16 ohm impedance selector. W Tango Delta July 6, at 3: W Tango Delta June 17, at 4: Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

As for “solid state sounding”, what do you think causes that?