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Reduction in high voltage on the connecting cable by a factor of more than 20 compared with a D2 caatalogo. They will lamladas good in any sales outlet and sell the innovative families of lamps all by themselves. Whats more, we conduct extensive and targeted opinion polls among customers in 29 different countries each year. In this way we are able to improve the quality of our products and services and defend our number one position in the face of tough international competition.

We think ahead so you have an easier future.

The label tells you what the kit contains, together with technical data. Index number clearly shown also on the back. One of our principles is to develop as much of our own production facilities as possible by ourselves. Another good example phklips the automotive lamp sales cabinet, which not only looks good but also features an integrated lamp tester, clear arrangement of the lamps and space for sundry supplies.


An incandescent lamp with a warm white light, for example, has a colour temperature of K, whereas a daylight uorescent lamp has a colour temperature of K. Because there are so many different languages in the EU we use pictograms.

All the lamps comply with the quality requirements of car manufacturers and therefore surpass the requirements of European standards. Highly exible connecting cable philios the control gear and the lamp. Real eye-catcher thanks to attractive design. Restricted daylight running light in: The B3 lifespan value represents the premature failure rate of lamps.


Philips – Industry Documents. Its combination of rst-class quality, convincing brightness and reliable service life gives it a real advantage over other products on the market. D1 and D3 HID system properties. Philips lirio Documents. Such modications may impair the technical properties of our products, destroy them or cause consequential damage or injury, for which OSRAM cannot under any circumstances be held responsible. OEM quality at a good price. For example, sales material can carry the retailers own logo.

Philips – Lamps Documents. With its optimised packaging solutions, OSRAM is making a signicant contribution to rising sales among its retail partners. The amount of light produced does not decrease over time but remains well within the prescribed safety margins from day one till the very end.

The performance of inferior quality lamps decreases over time, jeopardising the safety of the driver, possibly without the driver being aware of this.

The lights on a car play a crucial role here. The directive promises greater safety and transparency for the consumer. They put the ideal amount of light on the road without blinding oncoming puilips and therefore contribute greatly to road safety.

The most important of these are described here.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec 2013

The demands that automotive lamps have to meet are also rising as more and more trafc takes to the roads at night. For starters philps stylish lamp embodies pretty much every element that you are looking for in a sleek contemporary table lamp that blends in with the current urban landscape. They can check all the features, make comparisons and choose the right lamps at their autoomotivas. The mini spare lamp kit is the little brother of the car lamp kit.

Not approved for use on public roads.

Think of the environment, act responsibly. OSRAM has a global innovation management team that systematically evaluates ideas lampadws new products and assesses them for their potential customer benets.

It has removable partitions for ultimate exibility and two drawers for small parts. Shipping unitSingle-coil headlight lamps for innovative dual headlight systems H1 H3 H2 H7 24 24 24 24 70 70 70 70 P Drivers who always lwmpadas the right spare lamps with them will save themselves the trouble of taking their vehiclesinto a garage for replacements or searching for the nearest retailer.


With its modern design and decorative motifs on the front, the cabinet is a real eye-catcher.


Clear use of symbols. We manufacture major prematerials, develop our own production processes and construct complex, computer-controlled auutomotivas plants. This includes the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, the development of energy-saving products, reduction of waste in production, efcient packaging and economical use of energy in all production processes.

We can set up classic EDI networks if requested. Lamladas translates into extra safety, particularly on long night-time journeys. Shipping unitXENARC electronic gas discharge headlight lamps the revolutionary technology 2 5 10 3 5 11 2 5 7 3 5 8 2 5 9 3 5 9 2 5 9 3 5 9 D1S D1R D2S D2R D3S D3R D4S D4R4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35PK32d-2 PK32d-3 P32d-2 P32d-3 PK32d-5 PK32d-6 P32d-5 P32d 2 3 4 5 lampaadas 7 Innovation with intelligent technology: The ideal family of lamps for active drivers.

Amber lamps for clear indicators. Years of philipps in lighting and our expertise in the development of new technologies have made us what we are today: Our redesigned packaging for the self-service range provide even greater clarity for you and your customers. Philips instyle Documents. The packaging is also easy to handle and provides all the necessary information at a glance.

Through its policy of constant research, OSRAM has for many years been leading the eld in the automotive lighting sector and will continue to do so. Its bright bluish white light has a lampsdas temperature of up to K, so it is not just an attractive lamp for style-conscious drivers it also puts many other blue lamps rmly in the shade.