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By default, only the header information from the MTZ file is displayed. Pixel values are represented by numbers and then letters A-Z.

CCP4 Molecular Graphics – Tutorial Contents

The ROGUES file gives you ttorial image Batch on which the reflections have been recorded for partials, this is the image nearest the centre of the reflection, so you may need to look on the preceeding and following image as well.

Using a higher value for the mosaic spread will result in more boxes being overlaid, and some of the blue boxes will change to yellow. You should find that this is more difficult! On the 3rd line, turn off Create full unique set of reflections using the radiobutton.

This protein has a Hg derivative. Within the image display section, there is a small “blow-up” window tutoriak the top left corner approximately 20mm square. If it is not because the crystal has moved then get a new orientation matrix for each segment, using ONLY spots from that image Select images.


For answers to problems not resolved by these sources, feel free to e-mail Harry Powell. There is native data in H32 to 1. If you want to try another solution from the list, reply N and you will be prompted to select a new solution. You can exclude a given batch from the scaling. Have a look at these graphs. The direct beam coordinates can be input in the Processing params panel Beam X and Y. If you want the complete list of possibilities again, give the reply N to the following question the second question that is asked when running the autoindexing:.

Reflection records are grouped into batches: If the data are only good to 3. This is used in Wilson scaling, which allows one to put the data on an approximate absolute scale.

CCP4 Tutorial: Contents

We will see later that all but the 0,0,0 peak tjtorial symmetry equivalents. This program converts intensities to amplitudes, and also compiles some useful statistics.

There should only be a few less than 10 cccp4 spots per image. For example, F refers to a structure factor amplitude: If the spots are not fully resolved, you may need to increase the tolerance to avoid the “tails” of adjacent spots being included in the peak region.

Try changing them by mm. If this is not the case, then change the rejection criterion to avoid rejecting these reflections e.

CCP4 Workshop: Lecture Notes and Tutorial Material

Rejecting a significant number cdp4 the strongest reflections can give problems in structure solution. The current Import job should be at the top. In fact, we able to improve on this solution. This depends on the mosaic spread and minimum separation.


CCP4 Tutorial: Molecular Replacement

This ratio is tabulated in Standard deviation v. By default all found spots from all images will be used in autoindexing, but any combination of images can be selected using Select images. The Zoom feature has been disabled on some Ccp4 because it can cause the terminal to freeze.

We are first going to convert the intensities from scalepack output to structure factor amplitudes, then from scala output to structure factor amplitudes, and xcp4 some statistics that are generated. The output file has 49 columns:. There should be 7 peaks above the threshold, many of which are true symmetry equivalents. Use the cross-wires to estimate values. It is tutorlal to save the current values of the detector, beam and crystal parameters to a file, which can be executed by typing tutofial to restore these values if something goes badly wrong or if the program crashes should never happen of course!

Scroll down and look at the table:. Run as above, with the following differences:. Other MR examples can be found at the end of this tutorial, and at: