Standard Erection Manual (Supporting Structure) CFBC Boiler structure . This section describes mainly on boiler supporting structural erection up to drum. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler Standard erection manual (pressure parts) – SlideShare Jun 19, Steam soot blowing system in CFB Boiler convective pass complete with soot trip valves, manual valves, flexible hoses and pipe work for the fuel, erection. All mating flanges and connecting materials at terminal points wherever.

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Electrical Conductivity at 25 deg C Less than 0.

cfbc boiler erection method statement

dfbc After lifting to its final elevation, panels are temporarily supported with wire rope from ceiling structure. Care should be taken in erection and alignment of the rear arch tubes so that the gap required between them and R H rear coils can be achieved.

Complete the erection, alignment and welding of extended side waterwall inlet header with the extended waterwall panels. To enable the inside inspection of the boiler, the interior has to be equipped with suitable scaffolding for inspecting the elements, walls, tubes and welds.

About The Author Jenny Wu. This manual will help you to cfc details required during erection of mw boiler. Check for damages like sling marks, deep cut and dent etc.

It may be tack welded. This will reduce the DM water consumption, as well as time.

Hose down internally, the pump case, the valves and adjacent piping, to ensure the removal of all loose debris. Click here to sign up. After hoisting to its final elevation support channels are fixed to permanent support rods and headers suspension lugs to the permanent tie rods. The major components in pressure parts to be erected are boiler drum, headers, water walls and steam cooled walls, superheater, reheater coils, economiser coils and buckstays.


The Boiler water-circulating pump comprises a single stage centrifugal pump driven by a wet stator induction motor bokler shown in Fig. Erected items should be protected from workmen climbing on them and water falling on boiiler. After positioning the stirrup assemblies at pre-determined locations, key buckstays are positioned with web vertical and welded with the stirrup plates.

Appendix D Construction Method Statement majual hbp. One-inch wire rope on winch will be connected to both the 6 shieve pulleys through guide pulleys. Caps shall be left on tubes and links until final fit up and welding. Standard boiler mwerection manual boiler … This manual will help you to technical details required during erection of mw boiler. Top level buckstay is first erected with the help of separate rigging arrangement.

BHEL is a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electrical Since India’s demand for energy is growing rapidly, coal-fired …. A – Presetting for that particular suspension depends on ‘ 0 ‘ D – Distance from origin of expansion X – Distance of the pressure part component that is suspended from reference structure.

The easiest way to achieve and maintain proper hydrostatic temperature in cold weather is with an external steam supply. The holes in the chemical dosing pipe should be facing towards the feed distribution pipes. Ensure that drum is free of all foreign particles especially tools and electrode bits may remain inside after the erection of internals. Assembled panels are erected with the help of electric winches. Through one inch tapping point. I need the quotation of -Please select product- Steam Boiler Hot Water Boiler Industrial Autoclave, the fuel is not for autoclavethe pressure is, this capacity is, use for.


Study the concerned contract assembly drawing before start of the internal assembly. Orientation of the headers. While lifting the header, use a tag line to control the load movement of header.

THERMAL POWER PLANT A-Z: cfbc boiler an introduction

Before lifting, boiller wire ropes which are hung from ceiling structure are inserted through the holes in the buckstay beam. This includes low-grade and difficult-to-burn fuels such as anthracite, lignite, petroleum coke, oil shale, discarded coal, and biomass within a wide range of mixing rates.

Interference of wire ropes shall be checked and free movement ensured. Gap between radiant roof tubes at the junction of front waterwall. Middle joints of roof tubes are welded after completion of final alignment of both front and rear tubes. Preparations for Drum skidding: Work Method Statement Fill Crusher. The drier sections are not to be welded together nor to the ffbc supporting structure. These are around 25 such assemblies supporting superheater and Reheater coils.

Ends entry and exit of secondary separators must be opened for steam passage.