Soon he is trapped in a deadly war of secrets and lies, as a nightmare reunion with a bitter enemy throws him once more into the path of death. Charlie Higson’s . By Royal Command is the fifth and final novel in the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson, depicting Ian Fleming’s superspy James Bond as a teenager in the. Young Bond: By Royal Command. Adventure, and loads of it – By Royal Command is the fifth page turning thriller about the school days of James Bond.

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By Royal Command – Wikipedia

All versions of this book ISBN: Nevertheless, my views on this are probably quite biased in some wierd, subconscious sort of way, so don’t take my word for it and read the amazing series! This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Higson weaves an intricately complicated yet roual world for young Bond to navigate and all of it is very well- researched and very relevant to the history of the time period of this story. However, compared to the fifth book’s predecessors, it seems a little lacking. Cover art featuring a black and red Union Jack was not revealed until the day of publication.

Lists with This Book. One of my favourite aspects of this book is the fact that it gives a bit of insight and hints at how James Bond became Things that happen in the beginning tie to things that’ll happen in the last part of the book. The saviour says that he works for M16 and that Dandy and Roan work for a communist cell based in Portugal. Elements of the first three books are all tied toogether in this story, especially volumes 1 and 3.

I think that Ccharlie Bond: I hope this isn’t a sign as to what future books will be like.

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It’s a story about the young james Bond. LoveReading View on Young Bond: The Colour of the Sun David Almond. Merriot was a part of MI6 and that they had been keeping an eye on him. Later on in the book, he has to deal with Communists, and eventually with Nazis. Trigger Mortis Forever and a Day Set within the Young Bond world, the game will allow fans to explore familiar locations and see memorable characters from the series — including James Bond himself. The title of By Royal Command is derived from a brief encounter Young James had outside of Windsor Great Park after hiding in a nigson from a perceived threat from the man who was following him.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Back at Eton, James is under surveillance – someone is watching his every move and it soon becomes clear that no one around him can be trusted. She just kinda shows up, swooons around James a bit, and goes.

A set of unexpected turn of events occur, in which Dandy ties him to a bomb he’s using to kill the king with, doing so in a way to make it seem like it was Bond’s fault so he can start a communist revolution. I can’t accept this! Nggak ada ceritanya dia meniduri wanita yang bukan istrinya.

Dandy wanted to kill him to make a Communist Revolution, after a while James Bond noticed that and attacks Dandy as the king’s killer had knife he attacks James Bond then suddenly he is saved by someone. Yang macam begitu ya mana pantes meniduri wanita tho ya?

Although at times the plot is boring and confusing it can also higwon extremely entertainingkeeping you on your feet, feeling the emotions they do. My Cat Has a Blog. Agak mengganggu juga, sih, lantaran ada benang merah dari seri sebelumnya ke seri yang kukonsumsi di atas itu. But there is something lacking in it from the previous books.


A few days later, the boys return to Eton where Bond is introduced to the new head of his House’s Library, Theo Bentinck, a cruel and sadistic individual who enjoys tormenting the younger boys, and who immediately decides to target James for his abuse, knowing that he is not afraid of standing up to older students.

When he arrives higaon his hotel, he is still being followed. It is a gripping interactive online game which will put Young Bond fans in the shoes of a British SIS agent or a Soviet OGPU spy, and lead them through a story that spans seven missions over seven weeks. Higson still keeps the foundation of a great Bond novel intact.

I will most certainly recommend it for youths aged around The beginning was a bit boring but it got more interesting through the book. As you get older you realise the world is not so simple. The ending specifically rose not to a peak, but to the equivalent of a ny hill. Santa’s High-tech Christmas Mike Dumbleton. Higson plays this tune like a Grammy award winning composer. Looking for beautiful books? But James is under surveillance; his every move is being watched. Charlie Higson did develop good characters that did unexpected things at unexpected times.

By Royal Command

Bond is saved by the man who followed him in Austria when he shoots Dandy, who takes him to Mr. If you like James Bond you should clearly read this book. Hurricane Gold Charlie Higson. Hanya karena penyesuaian cerita dari jaman ke jamanlah maka James Bond tidak pernah dikisahkan charloe tua. Kalaupun terlihat tidak, yang perlu dibangkitkan cuma memorinya.