RANK AND CATEGORY SPECIFIC BULLETS Officer FITREP Examples · Enlisted Eval Examples Examples for Progressing Members British Navy FITREP . Eval Bullets (Actual) ***RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCEMENT TO CHIEF PETTY OFFICER*** **ALREADY PERFORMING AS A CHIEF, SELECT NOW!. Cpo fitrep observations. 1. CPO Fitrep Observations CDR Kevin Robinson; 2. Purpose/Method Slides that follow are a combination of a.

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Established and chaired an Advancement Exam Committee which pre-tested and developed a training track that resulted in a record 29 advancements. The Comments on Performance block has three main divisions which vary somewhat in size as needed: Master Chief Brown is a consistent top performer whose ranking is only limited by numbers! Although Senior Chief Britton has been onboard just over chirf months, he has made an immediate impact with superb leadership, knowledge and organizational skills.

Guarantees success in every evolution. He possesses a breath of experience and knowledge. His exemplary talents go unmatched, the model for all LDOs to emulate. These fitrepp will directly shape future upgrades, improving chidf and integration of all Sensor Systems. Member possesses the potential to be a successful First Class Petty Officer with continued focus on communication and leadership skills.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

His job accomplishment rate and “Can do” spirit are consistantly lauded throughout the command and he has my utmost confidence in repairing my ship. Accomplishments As stated above, the goal of the ChiefEval is to accurately and fully describe a Sailor’s performance.

All Sailors within the department are fully aware of their abilities and afforded in-depth career information needed for advancement and success. Provided invaluable guidance to Junior Officers and Chief Petty Officers in proper personnel management and counseling procedures. Efforts led directly to eight new Petty Officers and increase in quals. Masterfully built from scratch Department’s new QA program. Technical and professional qualities chisf critically important for chiec, fully as important as a person’s social and leadership skills!


Flawlessly managed 18 workcenters through arduous Assessment Training Cycle with consistent high results.

Engaged in all facets of CPO!

Procured 5 new sonobouy training devices for the FRS. Volunteered to coach 18 Sailors from seven commands to win the “Partnership Through Sports” basketball tournament in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Already performing at the O-5 level.

His leadership and technical expertise have contributed to an increase in WASP’s combat readiness and resulted in lasting improvements to the safe operation and maintenance of the Aviation Fuels System. Has my fotrep recommendation for promotion! Morale, esprit de chjef, pride, and most importantly, operational successes are a result of this leader.

As the Command Financial Specialist he facilitated 11 workshops covering topics including Tax preparation, Debt relief actions, Wise Investments, Home Buying, Budget for Babies, Credit monitoring, Credit Cards and their uses, retirement plans and investments, and household budgeting resulting in 11 Sailors gain valuable financial training, 7 security clearance approvals and zero revocations.

He continues to actively instill pride, professionalism and responsibility with Sailors and their careers to mold them into the next generation of leaders. Adept Naval Aircrew instructor and Operations Petty Officer, flawlessly planned and managed 7, flight hours and 9, simulator hours, directly leading to the on-time graduations for FRS students.

He spearheaded a project to re-capitalize previously unused space, providing much needed training spaces as squadron student throughput and manning levels increases to meet growing fleet demands.

Flawlessly executed duties as Command Enlisted Watch Coordinator through exemplary deckplate leadership. Organized 28 hours of community service at the Armed Services MCA for the Neighborhood Exchange, providing military families in need with necessary food items. His effective leadership at the Detachment is evidenced by advancements, Instructor qualifications, Master Training Specialist qualifications, and infrequent disciplinary proceedings.

These are the only lines where descriptive, subjective terms and adjectives are tolerated and even encouraged. An energetic Navy Counselor and exemplary team player who in a short time has made significant impact to the CPO Mess, Exec Department, and the crew of over 1, Sailors he personally takes care of!


His mentorship and guidance are without equal.

Navy Writer

Managed and directed qualification of more than watchstanders in small arms and anti-terrorist tactics, he ensured all personnel were qualified to stand watch onboard WASP during FPIA. Bos’n Metham is my top Officer in my wardroom and the key to maintaining the ship as the envy of the waterfront.

Managed and developed 7 Instructors, 67 students and 1 civilian in execution of the FRS training schedule. As Departmental Training Coordinator, oversaw the qualification of 5 PQS across 28 Sailors while leading one Sailor in the tracking and regional reporting requirements for Oil Spill Response readiness.

As assistant EAWS coordinator, he conducted hands-on training and tracked the progress of all junior Sailors within the Maintenance Department resulting in the qualification of ten Enlisted Aviation Ftirep Specialists. He defines technical competence and promotes professional growth throughout his department and Wardroom.

As the command Honor Guard Leader and Coordinator, she trained eight Sailors and ensured the flawlessly execution of 36 ceremonies for a number of commands in the San Diego region. Personally responsible for the completion of 65 functional check flights, expeditiously chuef critical assets to a mission capable status.

Navy FITREP, CHIEFEVAL and Evaluation Writing Bullets

Effectively led and mentored 40 Sailors and one civilian in assisting 10 providers in the delivery of quality health care to over 5, Chieef Duty throughout tenant commands. BM1 Romans is a top performer who inspires her Sailors and gets the job done! Highly skilled chuef often called upon to troubleshoot and repair the most complex small boat craft discrepancies.

All of the bullets below were actual, command approved bullets. ITCS Jackson is a seasoned leader and administrator.