In April , as part of its commitment to becoming more results-oriented, CIDA’s President issued the Results-Based Management in CIDA – Policy Statement. The December CIDA (now Global Affairs Canada) RBM Handbook on Developing Results Chains: The Basics of RBM as Applied to Project Examples. produce a comprehensive, pragmatic and useful guide for RBM tools and operations. CIDA uses RBM to better manage its international development.

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This implies training and provision of necessary tools, as well as participation in setting realistic goals and targets, assessing risks and reporting on performance. A central tenet of results thinking is the results chain, which is an illustration of the causal relationship between various elements over time. The ToC brings flexibility to and expands on the results chain. Huide and clear roles and responsibilities: A basic principle of results planning is to start with the desired change impact and outcomes and then identify the outputs, activities and inputs required to achieve them — develop a results framework.

Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: More importantly, evaluations should be able to indicate whether desired results, especially outcomes and impacts were achieved, and if not why not? Suggested Results Reporting Format – emphasizing progress against indicators and targets.

All of this could be avoided if more money and more time — up to six months perhaps — were allocated to the inception period, with an emphasis on establishing a workable monitoring and evaluation structure, and actually funding baseline data collection. Most Popular Posts – Last 30 days 1. Audio summary 8m of FP2P posts, week beginning 17th December 1 week ago. Most accounting systems do not show the alignment of resources to objectives. But while the new GAC RBM guide includes a lot of material from earlier materials used sinceit also has a substantial number of new clarifications, which make It a much more practical RBM tool than previous versions published since Examples of how to phrase Outcomes in specific terms syntax.

If not, adjustments are required — that is adaptive management. That kind of analysis, as well as questions of cause and effect, is normally dealt with through reviews and evaluations. This implies a thorough analysis of the problem that needs to be solved, the changes that are desired and the activities and inputs that are necessary to achieve them. A major precondition of effective results management is leadership commitment.


Bilateral Results Frameworks 2: That means that when a donor agency emphasizes participatory development of indicators, during an inception period, it should be prepared to provide the resources of time and money necessary to make this practical. The Results-Based Management Website blog reviews websites of potential use to international development professionals interested in planning, managing or reporting on results.

And it is easy to see, with the discussions on problem identification, theory of change, risk, and other topics, how this guide will be useful to people designing projects for any agency, regardless of the funding source.

But, of course, only two of these levels are actually operational, and susceptible to direct intervention during the life of the project — Immediate Outcomes in the short term years on a 5 year project and Intermediate Outcomes which should be achieved by the end of the project.

Research and the experience of organizations and countries that have mature RBM systems have demonstrated that an incentive system is important for consistent use of RBM and the embedment of a results culture.

EU vs Fake News: The RBM Training website explains his approach to training. WS More or Less: RBM also emphasizes using information on results to improve decision making. As part of monitoring, evidence of the reported results should be collected using indicators to verify what is reported.

Output-Activities Matrix click to enlarge. In a rational process this would in fact be the situation. The GAC RBM framework has several criteria for developing clda result – Outcome statements, reflecting the fact that these are supposed to represent changes of some kind for specific people, in a specific location.

Results-Based Management Tools at CIDA: A How-to Guide

Committing to results management requires that staff and management be held accountable for appropriate levels of results. The results – three forms of Outcomes, are organized in a Logic Model. I have participated in several design and inception missions, and I cannot remember when baseline data for all indicators were actually collected before the project commenced. I will keep the old PIP Guide on hand, however, for its still useful detail, and user-friendly format, as a complement to the new RBM guide.


This suggested new format puts results up front, in a table, emphasizing indicator data, with room for explanations in text, below.

Results-based Management in CIDA – Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS

In real life, a Logic Model which actually reflects the series of interventions, from changes in understanding, which are necessary for a change in attitudes, to changes in decisions or policies and changes in behaviour or professional practice, will go through a minimum of 4 to 5 or even more stages where needs assessments, and training of trainers or researchers lie at the beginning of the process, before we get to field implementation of new policies or innovations.

Evaluation in an RBM system is the systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project, program, or policy, including its design, implementation, and results. Accordingly, in any intervention, it is always important to analyse both internal and external risks that may guode the success of the programme and attainment of planned results.

Experience indicates that clarity in direction invariably leads to enhanced effectiveness and efficiency for policy makers, planners and programme managers. The Theory of Change as an approach is a guiding framework for all stages of planning thinkingimplementation action and performance management accountability and lessons-learning when intervening in social change processes.

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From Poverty to Power by Duncan Green. And, as the GAC guide quite correctly notes: The diagram below is an illustration of a results chain. Within each of the pillars described above, methodologies and tools are developed to form the RBM nervous system.

Global Affairs Canada results chain Level of fbm A results-oriented leadership ensures selection of clear objectives and strategies for the programme, demands information and documentation of results and uses performance information for decision-making. Audio summary 8m of FP2P posts, week beginning 17th December 1 week ago. The RBM Training website explains his approach to training. Not completed activities as some U. In some cases, gguide as the template for the Performance Measure Framework, the links is to a document produced when the agency was still known as CIDA.